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    Modi inaugurates the first phase of SAUNI project in Gujarat


    Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will inaugurate the first phase of SAUNI (Saurashtra Narmada Avataran for Irrigation) project at the Aji-3 dam site in Gujarat state. Nearly ten dams of three districts and reservoirs of Rajkot, Jamnagar, and Morbi, would be filled up with the water of Narmada River under the project. The estimated cost of this project is Rs 12,000 crore and forms a part of Modi’s ambitious schemes. Mr. Modi had announced the project in 2012 when he was the chief minister of Gujarat, to fill up nearly 115 dams of Saurashtra region, which faces a shortage of water for irrigation and drinking. The state irrigation department has earmarked a budget worth around Rs 5 crore for the inauguration of phase-I of link-I of SAUNI. With the implementation of the project, the Saurashtra region would witness the green revolution. Nearly 10,22,589 acres of farming land would get benefit by using the water from Narmada river for irrigation once the project would get completed.

    Source: business-standard.com


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