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Modified Anti-Collision System

Everest Engineering
P V Ramdev
Managing Director,
Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Everest Engineering is committed to providing service with the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable regulations, seeking technical innovation to enhance profitability and setting goals to encourage timely deliverance at the economical price.

Masterbuilder had one to one conversation with Mr. P V Ramdev, Managing Director of Everest Engineering wherein he shared insights on the anti-collision devices and much more.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Share some insight into the company’s Anti-Collision  device?

We have launched the Tower crane Anti-Collision device in the year of 2012 and we had carried out many modifications according to Indian site requirement. Now, we have come up with a new system which has additional features of safe load indicator (SLI) inbuilt, those the customer need not by a separate SLI and separate Anti-Collision device, both are inbuilt in one system itself.

There were many problems at the beginning of 2011 and  2012 because of the frequent power failure in Indian job sites and the cranes are non detected by anti collision system and get collided through free rotation on wind. All these problem are now eliminated and it is perfectly working in more than 260 Tower cranes in India. From the last three years, it is a proven and very reliable achievement running all over India. The prices have also come down by 20% because of the high volume sales in India.

We are talking about Anti-Collision Sensing Distance, so how much height it can Sense? People are talking about in metres.

That’s right, In Fact these Anti-Collision devices are designed to work with any make of tower crane and any model of tower crane whether it is Topkit type or Flat top type or Luffing type, any tower crane this can be used and the height can go up to 1 km, even if somebody makes the height more than 1 km also, we can match that requirement.

Can you please specify about this technology used in this Anti-Collision devices?

This is the simple microprocessor technology used in this Anti collision systems. 30 number of tower cranes can be controlled at a time with our powerful ACD software with a supporting Ground monitoring system. Microprocessor based Anti collision system software does not get correpted due to frequent power failures or frequent ON/OFF. It consumes about 3-4 sec to power up and start working from its current positions. For the frequent power failures, we supply UPS power backup, which will take care of the Anti-Collision system for 1 hour. Our Anti-Collision system has some special effect of stop entering the Tower crane area whose power is Off.

What is the special effect?

It sense the other tower cranes continuesly and stop entering its area whose power is off / anti collision is off. The tower crane may rotate on wind if the power is failed. This effect ensure additional safety during power failure.

What is the order report status of the Tower crane Anti-Collision devices in India?

After all the modifications, We have supplied 12 systems to Delhi site in 2014 and after the satisfactory working, we have supplied 250 Anti-Collision system so far in India. In this  90 systems are working for 1 customer itself in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune. We have supplied to many corporate companies all over India. All are working very well from the last three to four years. We expect more and more orders this year.

What about other Infrastructure Project like big sector, power sector, now there is so many newer section, how do your Anti-Collision work there?

These anti collision systems are designed to work for any Tower crane, where ever multiple tower cranes are working, this device work irrespective of the sector.

What is the experience of Everest engineering as a whole?

We started as a service provider to tower crane and passenger hoist, Now we are supplying Anti-Collision system as well as we are authorized dealer of GJJ passenger hoist, GJJ is the largest brand in the world with an export of 5000+ units and have a presence in every country of the world. There are more than 150 units working in India, even up to a height of 300 metres also. GJJ  can offer 46 meter as well as 63, 96 even 120 metre for minute speed which is used for 300+ meter height building. We are expecting this type of high speed hoist orders in India also. So GJJ is the only company to produce such a high-speed hoist of 120 M/min.

What is the service angle on your product?

We have about 45+ factory trained service engineers working all over in India. We can provide quick Service with in 24-hour time @ any part of India and we are the only CRISIL rated service provider in India for passenger hoist and  tower crane sector.

What is the status of the availability of spare parts in India?

Most of the spare parts that are used in passenger hoist or  tower crane are available in the Indian market. We are also keeping adequate quantity of spare parts for warranty replacement. Sometime the spare parts may not be available in the market, In that case, we use from our stock. So we always have all the spare parts in stock.

Now almost all machines are given with the sensors, digitalization and all these things, So how you manage your engineers to get proper service to customers and what kind of new technology already adapted in GJJ hoists?

We have a system to monitor each and every service engineers activity day by day and the status of the spare parts used and required. We are a TUV certified company, and follow proper ISO 9001:2015. We also conduct periodical  training to our customers and employees.

GJJ hoists have introduced ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI). This will monitor verticality, bolt loosening, support loosening, lubrication requirements, any electrical problems and even the No of persons in the cage. If any of this are abnormal the hoist get stopped and the reason will be written in the operator display. This is the high end technology so far in the Passenger hoist introduced by GJJ in 2018.

Because of the frequent breaking of Hoist power cables, Now GJJ has come up with a unique Bi-Directional BUSBAR. Which is water proof and dust proof and eliminate the power cable.

For More details contact: sales@everestengg.in


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