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Moving Ahead with the Speed


Post Tensioning has been used in the Indian Construction Industry in a very large scale and almost 75% of the Building Projects has been designed and executed by our country’s one of the leading Post Tensioning company, UTRACON Structural Systems Pvt Ltd.


Post Tensioning


Most economical construction is the “Mantra” in these days, for all the developers and contractors. Utracon’s expertise in the design and execution of Post Tensioning provides not only the Economical solution also provides a speedy construction solutions, so that all the overhead costs can be saved upto 20%.

As in the case of Omkar Worli 1973, Sale Towers, Utracon has been appointed by the project Developer M/s Omkar thro Larsen & Tubro for PT Design & execution of Podiums for Tower 1 & 2 and Typical slabs for all 3 Towers (each tower is of 66 floors). Utracons’s specialist PT Design experts from India & Singapore assisted the Structural consultants to come out with optimum design solutions and faster cycle time as well. The best achieved time cyle in this project is 4 days per slab. 7 Floors cast in one month (month Of March 2017). This achievement provides a confident in Developers mind to sail confidently to face the faster construction in the future.



In the Recent days, stringent Government norms demanding the better parking areas and PT provides a tailor made solution of Post Tensioned Transfer Girders / Transfer Slabs, which normally acts as a elevated foundation. Podium level columns are ideally located in 10 to 13 m spans to accommodate more vehicles and after Podium levels, PT Transfer girder / slab will be constructed and over than typical level columns and walls will be plated at a spacing of 4 to 6 m.

Utracon SSPL also working with most of the Government bodies like PWD, CPWD, METROS, RAILWAYS and some other Government agencies and provides Technical solutions for the respective projects. Utracon was involved in the Design & Execution of India’s first (World’s Second) Zero Crack concrete surface Laboratory built in Odisha for Indian Council of Agricultural Research thro National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), where our scientists are going to test a Virus and their specific requirement is to have a concrete structure, which should have only 0.02 mm wide crack structure. USSPL successfully designed and executed the structure, with their expertise.



Apart from the Design Expertise, Execution team excels in the field demand of round the clock swift working to match the project construction program. In the recent past, Utracon team helped India’s leading main contracting company to achieve 10,000 CUM of concrete pouring in one month, while constructing the Post Tensioned slabs & Beams in a Commercial structure in Mumbai.

Utracon can deliver unmatched speed service in Design & Execution of Post Tensioned structures with better Quality & Safety.



Track Record:

– 9 Regional office serving 25 states
– 110 Project locations
– 3200+ Projects Completed
– 310+ Million Sq.Ft PT slab



For further details:
Utracon Structural Systems Pvt Ltd
Ph: +91-44 2446 8001/2/3
Email: info@utraconindia.com
Web: www.utraconindia.com


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