The Multifarious use of Aerial Work Platform Across Sectors

The Multifarious use of Aerial Work Platform Across Sectors


Since its creation Haulotte has been a global leader in manufacturing people and material lifting equipment. Based on their knowledge of construction worksites and a multitude of lifting applications (indoor or outdoor), they have designed seven different ranges. Since there is an uprising demand of Aerial Work Platforms and Lifting Equipment especially for Articulating & Telescopic Boom Lift, therefore it was important to have their opinion as they are one of the key players in the segment.

In an exclusive chat with The Masterbuilder, Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India shared insights on the current market condition of the Aerial work platform and People Lifting equipment. He also shared inputs on the firm’s initiation for customers, Haulotte second life program and some landmark projects.


Souma Ray
Director, Haulotte India


Here are few excerpts of the conversation.

What is the market potential of Aerial Work Platforms.

Aerial work platform (AWP) or Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) are Self-Propelled People Lifting equipment which are unused anywhere when someone is required to work at heights. At Haulotte, we as a full Range manufacturer make machines of different variants specific to different applications to work at heights from 6m to 43m. The conventional method of accessing heights by ladders, manual scaffoldings etc that are not only unsafe but also greatly affects productivity. Using AWP’s make the work both Safe, as well as productive and timelines, can easily be met. In AWP there is nothing called setup time as it is ready to work so long as the batteries are charged in an Electric Machine and diesel is available in a diesel operated machine. In conventional methods, there is, of course, a major set up and dismantling time involved. Besides, AWP’s being self-propelled can be moved to different locations in a worksite in the shortest possible time.




The multifarious use that an AWP has across sectors can greatly enhance safety while working at heights as well as an increase in productivity. AWP’s are extensively used across the world and although the wide of this equipment is still in its early stages in India, yet with the increase in acceptability of using such equipment, the potential is immense in our country. As the access industry matures in India and users become more aware on the advantages of using such equipment over conventional practices of working at heights, the AWP industry in India would mature in the years ahead.

Brief about the financial services provided by Haulotte?

The lack of liquidity in the market does greatly the flow of business. Today financing is a major issue for any purchase. In order to address this issue, we at Haulotte have started HAULOTTE FINANCIAL SERVICES so that we can provide in house finance at attractive rates to our customers.

Haulotte Financial Services offers a wide range of financial solutions designed to meet the varying needs of customers business. The salient features of HFS are as under;




Can you tell me how the Haulotte second life program machine increases productivity?

The HAULOTTE SECOND LIFE PROGRAM has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of those customers of ours who would like to increase the working life of their existing machines. Each variant has been thoroughly evaluated and the list of specific spare parts to be replaced during the intervention has been drawn out. Once the subject kit is ordered and received our skilled engineers start the refurbishment process. This program has been very well accepted worldwide as it enhances the life of the machine by at least 5 years.

Now to answer your question, with age any machine performance starts to deteriorate and hence the productivity suffers. However, a Haulotte machine that has gone through the process of the Second Life Program definitely gives higher productivity since the downtimes due to machine breakdown reduces significantly.


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Please tell us about your landmark projects ?

The Aviation sector in India is growing very rapidly with more and more new Airports being constructed, older airports being modernised, newer players are entering the aviation sector (latest being Vistara & Air Asia) to accommodate the increase of passenger flow in the country with air travel getting more common day by day.

Aviation is one of the major sectors for Haulotte Aerial Work Platforms globally and Indian Aviation sector is not an exception for that.

Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. , the PAN India Distributor of Haulotte, has over the past many years been successfully been tapping. They have supplied Haulotte machines to the Indian Air force, Aviation Service Providers like Airwork for Tata-Singapore Airlines JV- Vistara, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. and various Airports across the country.



However, Gemini has had its biggest success in the Indian Aviation sector by having successfully supplied and commissioned 21 Nos. Haulotte Aerial Work Platforms to GVK- Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd for the prestigious state of the art Terminal 2. Based on the satisfactory performance of the Haulotte machines, GVK-MIAL added another 4 machines during the Last quarter of 2016. The Machines are used by the Facility Department and E&M Dept for façade cleaning and Maintenance of the T2 at Mumbai International Airport.

All the Machines are backed by prompt & excellent after sales support by Gemini Power Hydraulics with additional specialized support whenever required, from Haulotte India service team, to ensure that the machine is operating satisfactorily. The Service Engineers from Gemini visit and check the machines once in a month, for Preventive health-check-up. The team remains available on the 24×7 basis for any emergency.



This prestigious order from MIAL also propelled orders from other Airports across the country like Chennai International Airport, Pondicherry Airport & Bangalore International Airports etc., who also put their trust in using Haulotte machines with the proactive and efficient after sales support from Gemini.

Haulotte and Gemini team would continue in their tryst to partner and serve this vital sector of Indian industry.


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