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    Mumbai’s first construction debris processing unit on cards in Mulund

    construction and demolition waste

    Mumbai generates approximately 7,200 tonnes of waste every day, of which 1,200 tonnes is construction and demolition waste.

    Civic officials said they have identified a 2.7-hectare site in Mulund (E) for the facility. “We are keen on setting up two plants each having a capacity to process 600 tonnes for processing and recycling construction and demolition waste daily,” said a civic official. “The contractor would be responsible for collection and recycling of waste as well as setting up a control room where people can call and inform if they notice construction and demolition waste lying in the city.”

    The official added that citizens undertake construction work in their house or housing society but are not aware where to dispose the debris and dump it on roadside.

    Civic sources said the BMC plans to buy back 20% of the recycled construction and demolition waste, which could be in the form of concrete, sand and bricks.

    These would then by used for civil works undertaken by the civic body. “We found that one of the initial hiccups such facilities face is that not many come ahead to buy recycled waste assuming that the quality may not be good. To encourage such initiatives, the BMC itself will buy back 20% of the recycled material,” said the civic official.



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