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    Nagpur railway station installs Tulankar’s ‘energy floors’

    Footfall energy

    An young Nagpur city Engineer, Mandar Tulankar, has developed a flooring system in which pressure exerted by a person walking on the floor helps generate electricity. One footstep or footfall generates about 10W of energy. It is an ideal solution for high footfall areas like railway stations, airports, malls, offices and apartment blocks. Nagpur railway station installed one of Tulankar’s ‘energy floors’ at the main entrance on Platform 1. His experiment is lighting up four 25W LED bulbs from 6pm to 6am. The electricity generated can be either stored in a battery or fed into grid directly. The idea for the innovation came from a similar use of footfall in discos etc. by Energy Floors, a Netherlands-based company. It was using the footfall energy for interactive displays. Nagpur station is the first ever display of converting the footfalls into electricity. Zero Point Energy Pvt Ltd, will manufacture these floors for Energy Floors. Mr. Tulankar is going to submit a report on his demonstration to Research Design Standard Organization (RDSO), an independent railway body to clear such projects.

    Source: railnews.co.in
    Image source: Sourceable


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