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    NDMC to submit plans in SC for notification of 39 streets under mixed-land use

    Delhi government

    The committee chairman, Veena Virmani, claimed that these 39 streets were a part of the list of 351 roads that were submitted to the Delhi government for its notification under commercial/mixed land use. However, in 2018, when the government had submitted the list of 351 roads, records of 39 of them were not traceable.

    The erstwhile municipal corporation of Delhi had approved a list of 307 streets in 2007 to be notified as commercial/mixed land streets. Subsequently, in 2009, another list of 44 streets was added and forwarded by the Town Planning department to the government. Of these 351 streets, 155 fall under north corporation, however, the government failed to notify them.

    “In 2018, the government again initiated action for notification of the 351 streets and claimed that the list of a few of them were not available. Though the corporation had forwarded the list, the government has submitted only 272 streets to be notified under commercial/mixed land use. Records of 79 of them were not found, and of them, 39 fall under the north civic body,” said Virmani.

    The monitoring authority has already initiated sealing drive and directed the department to submit the matter before the Supreme Court to avoid action, she added.

    “These streets were recommended only after proper survey, and even now, the zonal deputy commissioners have certified the authenticity of the survey conducted by the erstwhile corporation. We have directed the department to stop sealing till finalisation of the notification process of these 39 stretches,” said Virmani.

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