Home News Energy News A new wind energy park in Coimbatore to be established soon

    A new wind energy park in Coimbatore to be established soon

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    Hyderabad based Mytrah Energy has won a bid to establish a new wind energy park in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. The cumulative capacity of the wind park will be 300MW with a tariff of 2.52 per unit, lowest at present in the country.

    As per the tender details however, the unit will have to established within 18 months and have the capacity to generate power throughout the year. At present, the wind power units in Tamil Nadu are of a lower capacity with a maximum of 1 MW. The units planned for the new wind energy park will be of a higher capacity and be able to rotate both ways.

    Wind power generation has picked up in Tamil Nadu, especially in the evening and morning hours.  This is a boost to Tangedco as it enables the shoring up of coal stocks. Presently, a senior Tangedco official said, “We have shut down some thermal units of Tangedco only due to availability of wind power, though we have coal stock to the extent of seven days. We are also purchasing power from the Electricity Exchange to meet the demand.”


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