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Newest Technology of Casting Floors with Laser Screed


Amidst the growing innovation and technological development, the flooring industry of India is on the rise. The flooring industry of India is on the rise. The market is foreseeing experimentation and coating modulation by the experts of the field. One such group of experts is Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions. Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions (P) Limited based in New Delhi (India). It is a concrete flooring company who provides modern such as Hydraulic, Ride-On Trowel [ROT], Bump Cutter, Highway Straight Edge, Digital Robotic Survey Equipment(FloorPro). They execute floor with design build with steel fibers and conventional rebars on a turn-key basis.



Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Pradeep Lamba, Director Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions, wherein he shared insights on the technological modulation of the flooring system of the company and an overview of the market in general.


Pradeep Lamba
Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

What are the laser screed flooring services offered by the company?

We cover all aspects of design, detailing and specification, through to material selection, preparation, installation and then maintenance of floor slab.

With a full range of hi-tech equipment, experienced and qualified teams of professionals, we are able to provide fine tolerance floor as per international standards including TR-34, DIN & ASTM E 1155, meeting today’s Defined and Free Movement surface regularity requirements.

Large pour free movement laser screed technology:
Wherever circumspect soil prevails, a professed stiffened slab on grade (S.O.G) caters the most trenchant Concrete Flooring Solutions. To deprecate the risk of impair, Drying Shrinkage is guarded by the warily designed layout and insertion of Induced and formed Joints. The Secondary reinforcement is provided by light Steel Fabric or Steel Fibers.

Through the use of newest technology of deploying floors with Laser Screed (Large line laser screed accompanied with a telescope boom of 6.1 M – (Model S15 R) which are non-obligatory to guide rails to screed concrete, it eradicates the obligation of having formwork at regular intervals barring at day joint thus making the wide bay construction of pore size 500 to 2000 M2. This scale downs the construction joints by say 80%, which is the flaccid section of a floor. Large Pour floors can be fudged together to a tolerance of TR-34 FM 2 (In free-movement floors, MHE can travel randomly in any direction).



In regard to warehouse flooring what are the specialized service offered by the company?


Long Strip is the time-honored procedure for contriving TR-34 Super Flat finish concrete floors for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouse Applications. Without any sizeable remedial work no other construction method can be used to achieve the meticulous tolerances of long strips for defined traffic.

Jointless Slab on Grade

The Joint Less slab on grade (S.O.G) is the most exceptional flooring solution from us for our clients for those who yearn for superlative durability with the minimal number of joints for lower long-term maintenance costs. Using 30 to 45 Kg/m3 of Steel Fibers, the width, and assessment of shrinkage cracks can be contained to eradicate Saw Cuts thereby providing the Joint Free areas of up to around 2000 m2. With this flooring solution, you can minimize the risk of defects such as Curling and loss of load transfer at joints which are perfect for floors with heavy loads or requiring very high tolerances. To vanquish the fibers at the surface a Dry Shake, Topping is recommended. This is a truly practical and low-cut maintenance flooring solution.



What are factors that are impacting the flooring market as a whole?

Mostly GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES & ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT are driving factors. Because of implementation of GST, the manufacturing sector in particular is forecast to see stronger investment activity. This will have a domino effect on the overall economy and is expected to boost construction sector, with the warehousing segment set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the reform. This is evident with setting up of new Logistics Parks and Free Trade Warehousing Zones.

Also, growing external trade: Rising ex-ports (~13% CAGR between 2008-13) and imports (~14% CAGR between 2008-13) is supporting warehousing growth. Referring to warehousing as a main area in particular, as the high end flooring concept has come in to this sector because of greater presence of MNCs, and floor and roof are the most critical aspect of any warehouse.


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