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    NMC’s concrete road project phase-I shortlists new contractor

    NMC’s concrete road project phase

    The citizens of Nagpur  can hope to be rid of potholes on nine stretches waiting eight years for concreting under the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) Cement Concrete Road Project Phase-I. The civic body has shortlisted a new contractor — Abhi Engineering — following exit of Mumbai-based Unity Infraprojects Private Limited from the project.
    Work order will be issued after approval from standing committee. Tendering process has been completed. Abhi Engineering is the lowest bidder.

    NMC has given three years deadline for the new contractor to complete all nine roads over 18km, as various works are required to be done on the roads before concreting. One road requires land acquisition and process is underway. A couple of roads need demolition of unauthorized constructions. Some roads require shifting of water pipelines, sewage lines etc. The cost of works on the nine roads is estimated at Rs 47 crore, which is an escalation over original cost of Rs 37 crore.

    Scope of works has been increased in new tender.

    The new contractor is likely to commence works on the concrete road project phase-I immediately after getting work order on three roads, Kadbi Square to Motibag Railway Crossing, Park Road connecting South Ambazari Road with North Ambazari Road, and Ram Nagar Square to Laxmibhuvan Square — as there are no complications.

    Works on remaining six roads, Fawara Square to CP and Berar College to Ramji Pahelwan Square, Medical Square to Krida Square, Khamla Square to Ajni Square, Vaishnodevi Square to Old Pardi Naka, Mokshadham Square to MSRTC Bus Stop Square, and Morris College T-point to Manas Square, might require time.

    Pending for concretization, these nine roads are full of potholes and bad surface layer. NMC does patch works here only after complaints from corporators.

    NMC had appointed Unity to concretize 30 roads stretching 26.84km on June 6, 2011 with deadline of two years. But Unity could concretize only 12 roads, and was executing works on eight more. Citing liquidation, Unity had sought exit from the project. The civic body had approved Unity’s exit in March. Works on six roads were completed and incomplete on two roads.


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