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    Noida Metro Aqua Line: Several women operators to drive trains on this new line

    noida metro aqua line

    According to a ToI report, Nikita is a BTech graduate and is a part of the 154-strong contingent, who are being trained as train operators to run Noida Metro’s, Aqua Line. According to the report, she is following the footsteps of her great-grandfather Karam Chand Vaid, who before the Independence of the country, was a superintendent at Kalaswala railway station and her grandfather Sudesh Pal who was a senior section engineer in Lucknow and Moradabad divisions of Indian Railways. Interestingly, her maternal grandfather too served at Moradabad junction as the chief controller.

    Other than Nikita, there are at least 50 other women, who are currently undergoing training to operate the metro trains. 25-year-old Priyanka Singh, who topped the exams at the end of the training period that landed her the job position of a train operator, was quoted in the report saying that she always wanted to work in a government sector. A resident of Ghazipur in Varanasi, Priyanka is an MTech holder. After almost a year of written as well as psychological tests, followed by interviews, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) finally offered jobs to all the metro rail operators in the month of February this year. According to another operator, 23-year-old Deepika Tripathi, the psychological tests were necessary as it examines the alertness, observation speed and accuracy skills.

    According to Noida Metro officials, all the metro train operators were provided four-month intensive training where they were trained in crowd control, station control, revenue management before finally giving them a chance to operate from the simulator.

    According to one of the DMRC trainers, Sukhram who was quoted in the report, at first, the trainees are given practical training on a simulator after which they undergo training inside the trains on the depots. He further added that though the system is designed in a way that the operators cannot breach the maximum speed limit of 95 kmph, they can drive up to a maximum speed of 85 kmph. To run the Noida Metro aqua Line, the operators are being trained by the Delhi Metro staff, including Meenakshi Bhoj, who is one of the two first female drivers of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, the report stated.

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