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    North Delhi civic body lists 87 sites for dumping construction debris

    North Delhi Municipal Corporation

    The North Delhi Municipal Corporation Thursday said it has identified 87 new sites for dumping small amount of debris generated from construction activities.

    A senior official of the BJP-ruled NDMC said 70 earlier designated spots will no longer be available.

    “All residents in the jurisdiction of NDMC are requested to dump debris generated from any construction activity, at the nearest local designated dumping site. It is also clarified that these designated sites are meant for small amount of debris,” the civic body said.

    “If debris is in bulk size then that should be directly taken to construction and demolition waste processing plant situated at Jahangirpuri,” it said.

    The list of the new dumping sites is available on the NDMC website, officials said.

    The accumulation of debris on public places is prohibited under the Delhi Municipal Act and is a punishable offence. No debris are allowed to be dumped at any garbage collection sites or ‘dhalaos’ and any other public place.

    Meanwhile, North Delhi Mayor Adesh Gupta Thursday inaugurated a cycle hire service to promote health and combat pollution.

    The service, which would be available at 25 places, was inaugurated by him near the Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

    Gupta said people need to download an app, and after registration through Addhaar details, they can use the service.

    He said first 30 minutes would be free and after that users would have to pay Rs 10 per hour.

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