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Nuvoco Introduces Waterseal Cement with Damp Lock Formula


Water is an integral component used in the construction sector. However, one of the biggest challenges to buildings and structures today, is water damage. Leakage and seepage are the primary cause of degradation of several existing homes today, and requires a significant expenditure for repairs. Not only does this pose a costly challenge for homeowners, developers and builders also suffer because of it. Construction projects are often delayed or halted because of the impact of water, as it interferes with the specific conditions required for the project. Besides disturbing the precise temperature required for setting and bonding, it also leads to expenses incurred for debris removal, re-work, and more. In addition to this, water damage also promotes the formation of mould, ruins interiors, and gives rise to potentially fatal risks if the water comes in contact with electrical equipment or exposed wires.

As a result, developers and builders have to take into consideration a number of water related factors before the commencement of a project. This includes the estimated rainfall for the project site, as well as its drainage setup, water infiltration susceptibility, and the inter-relationship of the materials used. However, despite such careful evaluation, continued water damage weakens the core of a building. This has led to a rapidly rising demand for convenient waterproofing solutions and alternatives to conventional construction materials, which are specially designed to be water resistant.

In order to cater to this emerging market segment, and meet the needs of developers, builders, and homebuyers, Nuvoco has developed Duraguard Waterseal Cement, an innovative and specialised alternative to conventional cement, which offers a host of water resistant benefits, both during and after construction. The product was developed after conducting a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by conventional cement, especially in moisture-laden areas and conditions.

Equipped with a unique damp lock formula, Duraguard Waterseal has 28-30% less absorption when exposed to water for 18 hours. It is even more at the earlier hours. Thus, it protects structures against dampness and sogginess, from the very foundation to the roof, prevents the corrosion of TMT bars by forming a hydrophobic layer on steel surfaces, and keeps kitchens and bathrooms dry and healthy. It also helps maintain the hygiene and aesthetic value of buildings, and contains the freshness of materials for a considerably longer duration.

Duraguard Waterseal Cement Water absorption Analysis Report
Duraguard Waterseal Cement Water absorption Analysis Report






Typical application:

1. Foundations, underground and overhead water tanks, basements, cellars
2. All forms of residential structures









Features and benefits:

1. Repels water and prevents water penetration into any surface constructed with Duraguard Waterseal.
2. Prevents capillary rise of ground water, protects dampness of walls and saltpeter actions
3. Equipped with unique damp lock feature that blocks micro pores in standard brick and mortar walls
4. Likely to reduces primer paint consumption by 20-25%*, when applied directly
*Based on our in-house field trials for the product

Website: https://nuvoco.in/


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