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On the Job Training: Increasing Acceptability by Industry


Knowledge from books is essential we are all aware of that. However in real life, especially in industry, what is more important is the ability to put that knowledge into practice. In the construction industry this is a paramount requirement for any of its personnel.

If during training, theory and practice can be combined, we have an ideal situation. The practice done in laboratories of the educational institution is really a pale shadow in its effect as compared to the practice, conducted under the supervision of experts, in field conditions.

OJT or On Job Training is essentially designed to have a combined theory and on-site practical training. CIDC launched this program in December 2011 and the model has been widely welcomed by all segments of the industry including many of the leading companies in this industry. The delivery model of this CIDC program is as follows:

Step 1: 30 days of intense orientation, hands on practicals and theory classes including technical skills and soft skills required on the field. This phase is conducted partly at the regional centres and partly at CIDC’s main training centre in Faridabad.

Step 2: Trainees in batches of around 20 each, are deployed together with a master trainer, to the construction site. The host of the site treats them like his own work force and puts them to work. The trainer guides and supervises the work being done by the trainees. This phase lasts for 60 days.

Step 3: The contractor at the end of 2 months of OJT training has first right of refusal for employment of any or all of the trainees. The trainer and the unplaced trainees return to CIDC.

The advantages for the host company are obvious. For a stipend plus costs of living and accommodation, they have the choice of picking up employees who are relatively well-educated (generally 12Th pass, graduates and even some post-graduates) persons who can be groomed in-house for senior supervisory roles in the future. Further there are no obligations to keep any of the trainees if they are unable to fit into the company’s operating environment.

At present around 43 leading construction companies have signed MOUs with CIDC for participation in this program. Around 3240 personnel have since been trained and placed across the country with another 1700 undergoing this training or registered for it.

CIDC’s own training centres at Faridabad in Haryana, Siddhauli and Amethi in UP and Vishwakarma Ekadash at Orissa are packed to capacity with trainees in most of the major trades of the Construction Industry.

The On-Job Training (or OJT) model of Training has taken off very well, indeed.

For details, please write in to cidc@cidc.in, or call Mr Deepak Mazumdar at +919811644761.


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