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One-on-One with Vivek Kejriwal


Vivek kejriwalSunvik Steels Private Limited is a name that has become synonymous with a premium range of TMT bars. The company’s unique ‘Sunvik Readyfix’ solution has become the preferred choice of the construction industry in recent times. With Sunvik Readyfix project owners and specifiers now need not worry about wastage, labour, theft/pilfer-age and delays, while also ensuring high quality construction. The dynamic driving force behind the company’s rapid growth is Vivek Kejriwal, its Managing Director. This visionary technocrat has been associated with the steel industry for more than 25 years, having started off at a tender age of 18.

Backed by his years of  hands-on experience, he has commissioned 4 steel plants of various capacities in South India and also been an integral part of setting up of an export oriented unit in the garment sector. His commitment to Green ethos and environment-friendly manufacturing has seen him set up captive power plants, where coal and waste gases are used to generate power. Additionally, the waste generated at the plant is reused to make flyash bricks.

In an exclusive interview with The Masterbuilder, Vivek Kejriwal, gave detailed insights into the history of Sunvik Steels, its commitment to Green technologies, its infrastructure and future expansion plans.


Give us a brief overview of Sunvik Steel’s eventful growth story from the time of its inception?


Sunvik 1–  July, 2004: Commissioned 1st DRI Kiln for manufacturing sponge iron
–  December, 2005: Commissioned 2nd DRI Kiln for manufacturing sponge iron
– September, 2006: Commissioned Furnace Melting Division
–   June, 2007: Commissioned Rolling Mill facility
–  December, 2007: The ISI certificate for the finished goods was obtained
–  March, 2009: Commissioned 3rd DRI Kiln for manufacturing Sponge Iron
– October, 2009:Company was ISO 9001:2008 certified
–  March, 2010: 10 MW captive power plant and billet caster division was commissioned. Sunvik’s operation successfully switched to a green steel model
– December, 2013:Launched ‘SUNVIK GOLD XX 500’ TMT bars
–  March, 2014:     Commissioned automated direct hot billet feeding for fuel conservation
–   June, 2014: Commissioned automated TMT bending machine
–   November, 2014: Commissioned automated online billet shearing system for fuel conservation
– June, 2015: Commissioned 1st of its kind automated cut and bend steel shop

Sunvik Steels is well known in the industry for its modern manufacturing unit. Give our readers an insight into the infrastructure of your manufacturing facility?

Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd is located at Jodideverahalli, Sira Taluk, Tumkur District. It was the first of its kind fully integrated steel plant near Bangalore. The facility is spread across and area of 50 acres with the following major facilities:

–    DRI based Sponge Iron Kiln
–    Steel Melting Shop & continuous Casting
–   Rolling Mill
–   Waste heat Recovery based Captive Power plant
–   Fly-ash Bricks & Blocks Plant

What is your production capacity, vis-à-vis TMT bars?

Sunvik 2We manufacture around 60,000 MT of TMT bars annually.

Sunvik Steels has been pioneering the concept of ready-to-use cut and bent rebar. The competition in this segment is getting more intense by the day. In this scenario what are the key advantages offered by Sunvik Readyfix that has made it stand out from the crowd?

Sunvik READYFIX is not only a ready-to-use cut and bent rebar, it is a complete solution which offers ready-to-use steel with laying and fixing too. This means, the project owner now doesn’t have to rely on bar bending labors. We deliver the READYFIX steel as per your Bar bending schedule and our team of skilled engineers and workers will do the fixing and laying of ready-to-use rebar at the construction site.

The TMT bars market is a unique one in the sense that there are specific brands dominating different geographical areas of the country. How widespread is the reach of the Sunvik Readyfix brand in India?

Right now, Sunvik has a wide and strong market presence in Karnataka.

Tell us more about your Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power Plant?

Sunvik 3During the manufacturing of sponge iron, hot flue gases are produced which are conventionally cooled, cleaned and let out through chimneys. Whereas, we make use of this hot flue gases and feed them to waste heat recovery boilers wherein the sensible heat of the hot flue gases is used to produce steam which is used in steam turbines to produce power. This massively reduces external fuel consumption for producing electricity.

What are the various tests that TMT bars are put through as part of your quality control process?

TMT bars are put through the following tests as part of Quality control Process in our in-house Laboratory.

Physical Properties

1.     Ultimate Tensile Strength
2.     Proof stress
3.     Total Elongation
4.     Bend and Re-bend.
5.     Nominal Size and Mass
6.     Mean Projected Rib Area

Chemical Properties

1.     Carbon
2.     Sulphur
3.     Phosphorus
4.     Manganese

A word about your future expansion plans?

Expansion plans are in the pipeline, we have already got approval from the State High level Clearance Committee (SHLCC) for Rs.550 Crores expansion to scale up our production capacities.


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