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    Online nod for building layouts in Uttar Pradesh likely in June

    approve building plans online

    The Uttar Pradesh government is planning to introduce by June 23 a system to approve building plans online. It is working on a software that will approve or reject building plans uploaded online within hours. Now, it usually takes anything between two and 30 days to get layouts approved.

    “Currently, development authorities have to rely on manual and traditional methods for approving maps. Building plans are now examined by the officials concerned to check if they conform to the existing bylaws or land use,” said Ishtiaq Ahmed, chief architect and town planner at GDA. “These officials have to check physically if all the departments have given their NOCs. This, obviously, takes a lot of time,” he added.

    Sources said the software would have all the bylaws embedded into the system and would check for violations, if any, when a map is uploaded online. The sources refused to divulge details on how the system would work, saying it was still in a nascent stage.

    “As of now, online approvals are carried out by the GDA. But such approvals are limited, only for ‘low-risk’ properties,” said Ahmed. “Low-risk” properties are those that are either developed by the GDA itself or by private agencies backed by the development body. “Even now, it takes about 48 hours to approve plans of low-risk properties. The new software is being developed in such a way that it becomes possible to get maps approved in a few hours,” he added.

    Residents feel introducing an online map system would be easier said than done, given that a similar plan by the GDA has failed to take off properly. But an online system, the residents said, would leave little space for corruption.

    “It will reduce the possibility of bribes for getting maps approved,” said Alok Kumar of the Federation of Apartment Owners’ Association.

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