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OpticVyu Construction Cameras Construction Monitoring, Management & Marketing


OpticVyu Construction Cameras Construction Monitoring, Management & Marketing In recent years, advancement in construction technology has allowed builders, contractors & project management consultants to efficiently monitor the progress of the job site and make the quick decisions to avoid costly delays. Construction camera systems are emerging as latest technology to monitor project progress, control documentation, maintain image records and to allow efficient inter-team coordination.

OpticVyu Construction Cameras
Designed & Developed In India

OpticVyu Construction Camera systems incorporate high end programmable cameras to capture HD images in regular intervals. These images are immediately uploaded via cellular network to cloud based server networks and can be accessed by authorized personnel.

The cameras offer site monitoring/ management solutions & are very helpful in checking project progress, pace of construction & managing number of remote sites from single platform. These are plug and play cameras with inbuilt WiFi providing unlimited storage and 100% documentation of all the events occurred at construction sites.

OpticVyu Features:

  • Time-Lapse Videos
  • Custom/Event Based Time lapsing
  • Monitoring – Project Planning’ Integration
  • Archived Images
  • Photo Comparison
  • Photo Annotation & Sharing
  • Auto Email
  • Event Tagging
  • Multiple Projects/Cameras Handling
  • Mobile Photo Synchronization Through OpticVyu Mobile App

Project Planning Integration

OpticVyu enable user to integrate project planning with camera monitoring by uploading planning data to OpticVyu portal. Event-based photo comparison allows user to visually verify site’s status at event’s planned start & end date. User can update event’s actual start & end dates based on visual inspection through camera images. By analyzing events’ planned & actual dates, Gantt chart shows delays. Ultimately, event-based time-lapse videos can be created to check the progress during the execution of a particular event.


Major Products:

– OpticVyu Nikon Box Camera: 24.2MP
– OpticVyu Fixed Position Camera: 5MP

How is it different from CCTV Camera?

CCTV camera is an obsolete method of surveillance using low quality videos with limited storage capabilities. Construction cameras offer following advantages over CCTV cameras:

  • Unlimited storage capabilities
  • High image quality
  • Require low bandwidth to operate on
  • Works on most remote sites
  • Produces HD time-lapse videos
  • Plug & play systems
  • Synchronization of mobile photos
  • Easy and streamlined tracking of past event
  • Less cameras, more coverage

Bridge Projects Undertaken

OpticVyu is currently live at Noney-Imphal Bridge (Indian Railways: World’s Tallest Rail Girder Bridge), Barapullah Bridge (Delhi), Durgam Cheruvu Cable Stayed Bridge (Hyderabad), Bridge #40 & 44 (North East Frontier Railways, Manipur), Silvassa Skywalk.

For Further Details
11-11-187, Road no.2 Sowbhagyapuram Colony, Kothapet, Saroor Nager, Hyderabad – 500035
Ph: +91 9043718604
Email: admin@opticvyu.com
Web: www.opticvyu.com


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