Home News International News Panasonic starts production of solar panels in Malaysia plant

    Panasonic starts production of solar panels in Malaysia plant


    To meet the growing demand for renewable energy, particularly solar power in Japan, Panasonic Corporation has started production of solar panels at a plant located in the Kulium Hi-Tech Park in Kedah state in Malaysia with an annual capacity of 300 megawatts, according to a statement released by the company. The plant will also be producing wafers and solar cells, boosting the company’s module capacity to 900 megawatts. Following government incentive programs to prefer the use of clean energy Panasonic has decided to venture into the business. Panasonic also produces solar cells in two Japanese plants and modules in Hungary as well as in Japan. According to spokesperson Chieko Gyobu, the company stopped module production in its Mexico plant at the end of August in order to consolidate operations. The company did not release information regarding the size of that plant or how many jobs were affected by the decision.


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