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    Plantforce buys battery-powered digger


    The 21-tonne excavator has a Stage IV compliant Hino engine as well as a lithium-ion battery. Kobelco’s hybrid system has evolved significantly since developing its first full hydraulic excavator in 2006. During swing acceleration the swing motor is only powered by electricity accumulated in the lithium-ion battery, to save fuel. The braking energy generated during swing deceleration is converted into electricity, which is stored.

    Kobelco says that the SK210HLC-10’s battery allows greater retention of stored electricity to provide the necessary electrical output to a Kobelco-developed 25kW power-assist generator motor.Plantforce operations director Sam Mercer said: “This new hybrid machine provides the best in fuel efficiency without any compromise on performance. Working off current data, we have seen a 16% fuel saving against the conventional SK210-10, which we consider to be the market leader in fuel economy, as well as a further 20% saving against other manufacturers excavators in this class. This makes the new hybrid a very attractive machine all round for our customers.”

    Info- www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/



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