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Plastering Solution for High Rise Structures

Indian Construction Industry
Sunil Chaurasia
Business Head
Perlcon Premix Pvt. Ltd.


The common most contemporary market trend across the Indian Construction Industry is to utilize Vertical Space for expansion, growth and profitability. Developing new land pockets or maximizing yield from the prime locations can only be achieved by fully capitalizing the vertical floor space available on given land plot under the prevailing bye laws. As a result, we are witnessing rapid and awesome changes in City Skylines across the country. The age of Sky Rise Buildings has set in India, permanently.


The modern concept of Sky Rise Buildings i.e.->8floors residential or commercial building structures also makes it imperative for Construction Industry to adopt newer, technology driven construction practices holistically and purpose- fully. Right from construction material selection, material handling / application at sites and expected functional benefits from the construction entire project conceptualization process is being redefined in order to synchronize it with modern building construction  methodology.

In addition, ever rising scarcity of construction workers, their working skills, basic raw materials such as Sand and Water, ever rising cost of utilities and ever shrinking construction schedules, etc. are also compelling building Industry to adopt fresh approach to construction materials selections and their applications at site.

Nevertheless, harsher climatic conditions as against increase in living standards and expected comfort levels thereof, ideally suggest us to avail every energy conservation opportunity inherently in basic building construction. Today awareness on Eco-friendly, Green Building, Energy Conservative Building Materials, etc. is firmly settled in every house- hold. Naturally, Builders have to cater for customers’ demand on these fronts.

Solutions Desired

To overcome hurdles during High Rise building project execution, the Construction Industry is looking for better, consistent and users’ friendly construction materials that reduces material handling at site and facilitate quicker job application while deploying lesser manpower. Also, construction industry is evaluating options to reduce dependence on basic raw materials such as Sand and Water due to scarcity and quality related issues. At the same time, it has realized that High Rise structures attract substantial wasteful consumption of Electricity and construction water. They are on lookout for definite, workable solutions to smoothen out construction activities at site.



Perlcon Offer:

Signaling out the problem areas correctly, PERLCON has worked out ideal and affordable plastering solutions for the contemporary construction industry in form of Innovative and Versatile light weight ready mix dry mortars for regular as well as Value Addition plaster works. The Sand Free, Self-Curing, Shrinkage Free, Cement based Premix plaster mortars provide Total Solutions for New Age Constructions. In addition, PERLCON is Pioneering introduction of Heat Resistant Insulation Plaster that reduces heat transfer rates up to 35%. Lastly but importantly, PERLCON is the only dry mortar manufacturer that offers mechanized Spray Plaster System along with compatible plaster premixes that ensures trouble free operations and best rewards to the customers in terms of reduction in application time and manpower requirement all without burdening the commercial viability!

Perlcon Benefits

On strength of Innovation and Indigenous State of Art Technology, PERLCON formulations are distinguished from other products available in Market on following parameters:

  • Light Weight Construction Material Plaster Material Requirement reduces Up to 75% Plaster Material Handling reduces Upto 75%
  • Self-Curing Construction Material Construction Water usage reduces up to 90% Activity Lag Time reduces Upto 80% Salt deposition in construction is greatly reduced
  • Material Wastage & Pilferage Packed and Consistent Material reduces wastage
  • Freedom From Sand – Perlcon Dry Mortars are 100% Sand-free
  • Shrinkage Free Mortars-Perlcon Dry Mortars are Shrinkage Free
  • Heat Resistant Plasters-IcyPlast /Volite reduce Heat Transfer Up to 35%

Perlcon Spray Plaster Solution: The Masterbuilder | October 2014 | www.masterbuilder.co.in 101A high performance well synchronized combination of specially formulated Premix Mortars + Mechanized Spray  P la st e r System  f ro m PERLCON-Giema is going to revolutionize the plastering activity at any High Rise construction site. Mechanized Spray Plaster is perfect to get rid of right commonly felt problems at High Rise construction sites such as excessive Manpower / Material usage, higher wastage & pilferages, uncontrolled consumption of utilities and above all, inordinate delays. Moreover, spray plaster application improvise quality as well as accuracy of work at much lesser workforce as the Industry has benefited from adoption of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC).

Perlcon Cutting Edge

As a case study, let us compare a 12 Floors Building having @ 250,000 Sq. Ft. of Plaster surfaces is constructed with conventional Sand Cement mortars and another similar one with PERLCON IcyPlast ready mix plaster mortar using PERLCON Spray Plaster System. The summarized findings for both the work are graphically presented as under.

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