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Plastic Shuttering A Revolution in Construction Industry


It is well known that formwork systems are required for casting of RCC slab, beam, column and walls. Given the current trend in India to either use MS Shuttering or Rubber Coated Plywood formwork system to cast RCC it is essential for us to understand the merits and demerits of the above options.

Understanding MS Shuttering Formwork

It is made out of MS Plates & MS Channel & is generally available in 3′ X 1′ size. MS Shuttering can be typically reused from anywhere between 40- 50 times. However, due to water corrosion, quality casting cannot be achieved beyond 15 times. Moreover, it is not labour friendly due to its heavy weight. The RCC material has a tendency to stick to the MS material, hence while de-shuttering either RCC material will stick to plate & a gap will be developed in RCC or MS Shuttering may stick to RCC work so one has to deshutter it carefully & also maintain properly with oil treatment.

Understand Rubber Coated Plywood Formwork

It is not as heavy as MS Shuttering and can be only reused for 12 times as it gets damaged due to water contact very quickly. Although the quality of RCC work is much better in comparison to MS Shuttering a skilled carpenter is required to set the system which makes an expensive proposition.

The above two materials are not Eco-Friendly, as the former consumes valuable iron while the later consumes precious the trees around us.

Plastic Shuttering-The Viable Alternative

Considering the labour problem & cost of formwork system we at Desire Construction Systems thought to develop an alternative formwork system which could help the industry to not only reduce construction cost but also a system that is easy to install, dismantle & handle.We were able to successfully develop for the first time in India a plastic formwork which can over most of the issues dis-cussed above.

The system has following Advantages:

Distinct Feature of Desire Formwork Systems
– Cost Effective
– Labour Friendly
– Eco Friendly
– Low in Maintenance
– Versatile
– Speedy in Installation & Dismantle
– Good Quality RCC Finish is Produce


– This system gives more than 100 repetitions; hence running cost is low. The final RCC work will get smooth finish with minor joint line which does not require plaster. One can do putty & paint it. With this system one can save @ `16 / sq. ft. if you don’t do plaster and hence it is cost effective.
– This systems is made from special grade plastic and hence no chemical reaction take place nor the material stick to it. Because of this property you cannot get any patched on the RCC finish. Also the gap between two plates are so negligible that no water nor cement gets leaked out at the time of RCC & it gets curing from the bottom of the plate also, which enhance the final quality of RCC casting .
– Comparatively our foam systems are very less in weight compare to conventional M.S. Plate (1/4th ) and Plywood (1/2). Hence it is very easy to install, dismantle, transport from one place to another. Due to easy plugging systems & east to fit makes this foam shuttering systems most labour friendly.
– By using Desire systems one need not nail or apply oil to the plates before casting RCC. Due to auto leveling of plugging systems the plates are automatically leveled. Hence 30 % time is saves in assembling & also while dismantling the same.
– All existing traditional scaffolding systems can be use in Desire shuttering systems comfortably. You can cast Slab, Beam & Column, etc. A lot of the parts in the Desire system are supportive to each other and you can cast a beam from 9 inch to 21 inch by this same plate by simply adjusting the locking systems.
– Desire formwork systems is made from Petroleum waste and it’s long lasting and gives more than 100 repetitions. Its replace plywood’s which consumes trees and M.S. which consumes iron ore from our planet earth. Our products help in preventing this precious metal from our earth.
– After every usage of Desire foam systems once can easily clean the plates by water. Where as in M.S. plate one have to apply oil to clean the M.S. surface plates. In Desire plates if any breakage occurs by mishandling it can be very easily sealed by low voltage hot air gun.


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    • Please contact us for plastic formwork.. We are the distributor for one of the reputed European manufacturer.

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    The Laurrel Castle.

  3. Im from Gujarat and i am eager to use this thing in coloum formwork at my new site which is shopping mall, please contect me and give me price details on “janakpatel1718@gmail.com”

  4. plz.send me a complete detail of plastic formwork . price details also.Training for fitting. details of different sizes of columns, beams, ceiling etc.


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