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Poly Ironite Ceramic Cementitious Mortar for Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete & Masonry Structure


Poly Ironite Ceramic Cementitious Mortar (PICC)

Poly Ironite Ceramic Cementitious (PICC) mortar has been created by Dimple Chemicals and Services Pvt. Ltd. of Pune and is in use for last more than fifteen years. It is a blend of Nicomix, 53 grade ordinary Portland Cement in ratio 60:35 with potable water in predefined ratio. The polymer used here is to improves bridging capacity of ingredients and to improve porosity. The ingredients of PICC are in their natural form., hence this mortar will not deteriorate with age and are certainly durable which is vitally needed in Construction Industry, provided all procedural precautions which are simple to follow are taken while using the mortar.

Application of PICC Mortar

On the basis of its properties, PICC is widely used for repair and rehabilitation of Construction Industry to provide strength and durability. PICC Technology has been using from past more than 15 years and has proved its effectiveness and durability in Construction Industry.

More than 5,00,000 m² area has been repaired across many states of country and still work is going on.

PICC also used internationally for restoration of damaged structures, stabilizing of hill slopes and rehabilitation of heritage structures.

Some Unique Properties of PICC

– Durable and maintenance free
– Porosity less than 1% i.e. impermeable
– Cementitious in nature
– High resistance to Abrasion
– Excellent long-term adhesion
– UV resistance
– Non-Toxic
– High compressive strength
– Monolithic Application
– Varied applications
– Self-curing
– High tensile strength
– Resistance to chemicals
– High shear strength

Testing of PICC

PICC has been tested by Govt. recognized Institutes, semi government and private laboratories such as Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune (CWPRS), ARAI, NTC, MERI Nasik, Structwel. WRD, Bhopal, KERS Karnataka and ERDA for certification of its engineering properties, in addition to toxicity, Impermeability, UV resistance characteristics, High Compressive Strength etc. and is found suitable for rehabilitation and resurfacing of damaged all concrete and masonry structures.

Application Areas where PICC has been used

– Terrace Waterproofing
– Water Tank
– External and Internal Building Area
– Podiums and Water Bodies including Swimming Pools
– Roads
– Flooring
– Parking Area
– Bridge Repair
– Dam and its ancillaries
– Aqueducts and many more

Some Highlights of PICC

– 2.5 acres Artificial Lake at Amanora Park, Pune without steel structure
– PICC Technology gets engraved on foundation stone
– PICC Technology accepted for rehabilitation of Dams under DRIP
– Successfully completed project work in CIDCO, PMC, JNPT, Amul Dairy Gandhinagar Gujarat, Private Residential Building, Hotels, AMC, Indus Biotech Limited, CIPLA, Fairfield atlas ltd.
– PICC Technology adapted successfully for rehabilitation of more than 35major dams under Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement programme (DRIP) of Government of India
– Appreciation by DRIP for qualitative and successful rehabilitation of 100-year-old Krishnarajsagar dam – a large rehabilitation dam project of the decade.



A) The strength properties viz: compressive strength and tensile strength and the high resistance to abrasion indicate that PICC mortar is suitable for repairing damages in all types of Civil structures.
B) The porosity (<1%) and permeability (K<10-12) of PICC mortar is very low, which indicates it appropriateness for coating of damaged concrete surfaces which are vulnerable to seepage.
C) The bonding properties of PICC mortar with cement mortar and rock and its easy applicability makes it most ideal material for pointing of masonry joints.
D) The ingredients of PICC are in their final form constituting 90% of mortar, hence the mortar is not expected to deteriorate with age provided all precautions are being taken while using the mortar.

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