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Precast Concrete Solutions for Industrial Building Structures – Our Select Experiences


Sridhar C N1, Srinivas R2
1Head of Technical & Marketing, 2Manager Structures
PRECA Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial facilities of all types need to handle a high level of activity, ranging from warehouses, data centers, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, etc., They require durable, flexible spaces that maximize efficiency inside, while providing a pleasing appearance outside. High-performance precast concrete structural systems can help meet these and other challenges for spaces that are specialized, high-intensity and demanding.

Precast Advantages

Precast concrete provides a variety of benefits that owners, architects, engineers, and contractors can tap into when designing these facilities. Among its advantages for these facilities are:

Preca solution 1

High Quality & Durable

Precast concrete reinforces the quality of construction and extends building life span. Research proved precast elements have over 100 year life with much lower life cycle cost. Factory-made products are the result of rational and efficient manufacturing processes, skilled workers, quality surveillance, etc.,

Structural Efficiency

A Hollow core slabs and T slabs offers the ideal structural section by reducing dead weight whilst providing the maximum structural efficiency with the minimum slab depth. This provides longer spans there by reducing internal load bearing walls and foundation.

Versatility of Design

Precast concrete buildings are functional and beautiful. Un-like conventional concrete, precast provides a structural platform which will give the architects and structural engineers greater freedom in designing virtually any layout.

Rapid Construction

Precast concrete construction does jobs sooner. The manufacturing of pre-stressed elements and site preparation can proceed simultaneously. Early occupancy provides benefits to the client along with saving in Interest costs.

Conserves Energy

Pre-stressed concrete components can improve the thermal storage potential of a building. It effectively conserves energy required for heating and cooling.

The following are some of our own experiences which show the way owners, architects, engineers, and contractors are having the advantages of using high-performance precast concrete components to achieve their goals in a cost effective manner.

Preca solution 2

We introduced the precast concrete technology for our own project initially in the city of Hyderabad. Using this technology State of the Art production facility was developed in 16 acres of land.

We used single columns of height 12.5m with corbels & precast beams of 6m spans for supporting & running the Overhead EOT cranes. The design of the structure was able to cater the operational &lateral loads.With the application Precast Technology, manufacturing facility building was able to achieve high quality, controlled and consistent concrete quality, workmanship, alignment of columns, finishes and faster construction timelines.

We achieved early completion and the plant was under operation at scheduled time.

Preca solution 3

Executives at the Mondelez International, which serves as the food products manufacturer, needed a functional facility in INDIA. They wanted highly energy-efficient structure. To achieve these goals, the structural consultant specified prestressed precast concrete, which also helped make the project move smoothly and added additional some LEED points to achieve Green Building.

We used prestressed precast concrete Hollow core slabs -250mm thick as a flooring solution because of their quick production, fast installation, superior quality, lighter weight, longer spans, 2 hour fire resistance and energy efficient- sound reduction flooring & thermal mass inherent product. These slabs also allowed the designers to create a simpler structural integration with a steel structural frame.

Preca solution 4

Warehouses often require tight scheduling to ensure their operations. In the case of the Sagar Cements Wagon Loading Shed, scheduling was critical along with requirement of long clear span structure.

We used Precast delta-truss rafter beams of 16.0 m length, as a floor load resisting element, with prestressed precast concrete Hollow core roofing slabs, with steel columns of 12.0m height from another contractor for supporting precast delta beams. The long span concrete truss helped to achieve clear and uninterrupted space for the heavy vehicle movements inside the shed.

Preca solution 5

The erection process was accelerated with Just-in-Time inventory, where beams and slabs have been erected directly from the trailers. The client was able to meet the operational deadlines and they are in talk with us for additional scope of work & future expansions.

Preca solution 6

The above select projects highlight the versatility of precast concrete systems in meeting the challenges of industrial buildings of all types. Their special needs play to precast concrete’s strengths, creating cost-effective, quickly constructed, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structures.


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