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    Precast India, Tekla come together to deliver high- quality & efficient precast elements


    PrecastTekla India, a global technology player in Building Information Modelling (BIM) software for engineering and construction industry, announced a strategic alignment with Precast India Infrastructure (PIIPL), a leading precast company in India. The joining of these two industry leaders is of  immense strategic importance for the Indian Construction Industry, as it seeks to move towards more advanced building methods such as precast construction and the implementation of latest software and technologies is a significant step in this direction.

    PIIPL will use Tekla Structures to create accurate, constructable model with high level of detail, which will facilitate efficient manufacturing of the precast elements of varied shapes and sizes at their factory and secondly, erecting them at the site. The most accurate and information rich civil structural 3D BIM models of Tekla would enable PIIPL to undergo a smooth and seamless construction process with no wastage and errors. The technology of Tekla would also help to enhance collaboration and project management while managing design to construction oriented engineering process.

    In order to avoid the delivery delays, labour shortage and boost product quality, developers and builders are adopting precast technology at a feverish pace, as it allows significant cost advantage for them. Precast construction enables developers to save up to 60% time compared to projects using cast in situ construction methods. In other words, if traditional construction methods take one year to complete a project, the precast construction takes just about 4 to 5 months to complete a project of a similar scale.

    Precast technology is a proven construction technology with many leading developers in the Middle East, Europe and US having executed multiple projects leveraging the same. Besides speeding up the construction process, it also enhances the quality of final construction output and is a fast emerging alternative to the traditional construction practices.

    Commenting on this strategic alliance Nirmalya Chatterjee, COO & Business Director, Tekla India Pvt Ltd. said that “It is a privilege to be associated with PIIPL as their technology partner for the construction of precast structures in India, Tekla’s BIM solution will manage and optimize the whole value creating process, minimize errors and waste and improve collaboration.”

    Speaking on the occasion Ajit Bhate, Managing Director, Precast India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (PIIPL) said, “We tested a few software solutions in the past to facilitate our move to a 3D platform, but unfortunately we ended up wasting time and resources as none of the earlier solutions could satisfy our requirement of producing varied types of precast elements. Upon engaging with Tekla, and after a rigorous evaluation of their solutions, we concluded that Tekla BIM technology is best for our requirement. We are delighted with this partnership as it supports our mission to build high quality & cost effective precast structures.


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