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Precision in Color and Performance


Innovation and variability are two trademarks of the Indian Flooring. The flooring industry is foreseeing a good rise courtesy a quality work across the sector. The consumers are now demanding high-end solutions in lesser time, therefore, an expert supervision has become pivotal. One such group of experts is Soujanya Color., Soujanya has been at the forefront of innovations in colorant manufacturing and research.



Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Amol Mulajkar, DGM – Technology & Business Development, Soujanya Color Pvt. Ltd. wherein he shared insights on company’s solutions and an overview of the market in general.


Mr. Amol Mulajkar, Technology & Business Development , Soujanya Color Pvt. Ltd.


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

How much sustainable are the Soujanya products?

Soujanya Color is a leading colorant manufacturing company based in Mumbai and is among the Top 3 in the World. We have been at the forefront of innovation in colorants for more than 30 years. Consistent performance, strong customer focus, and deep-rooted values have resulted in enduring relationships with customers worldwide. Today, with business interests spread across more than 20 countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, and expanding into Europe, North and Central America, Soujanya is growing stronger than ever and creating value for customers, partners and employees alike.

Our fully-automated manufacturing facility located in Mumbai is Asia’s largest and most sophisticated color manufacturing unit. The plant is also served with a dedicated R&D team, consisting of chemical technology experts who are constantly seeking new challenges. The facility is designed as “green” building to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum wastage of energy and resources.

In products or services, Soujanya is pushing boundaries everywhere. We are flexible to align our strategies in order to cater changing market demands by providing technically correct color solutions.

We offer pigment dispersions for a range of applications ranging from paints and tinting systems, automotive industry, composite (reinforced) materials such as FRP/GRP, wood, plastics (such as PVC, PU), inks etc.


Indian Flooring


Discuss the complete range of coloring solution offered by the company?

We understand color and its strong relationship with not only aesthetics but also with performance particularly for the construction domain. Broadly, we cater to three key aspects of the construction domain – decoration, protection, and flooring. For decoration, we offer complete tinting solutions for architectural paints as well as highly durable exterior colorants for facades.

This solution is complete with a synergistic coordination between color, software, and equipment. Our flagship series of industrial colorants is compatible with a range of coatings for various performance applications such as anticorrosion, anti-microbial, protective and maintenance coatings for infrastructure such as bridges, pipes etc. We also offer colorants in ready shades for epoxy and PU flooring. For every application and product, we offer integrated solutions including shade formulations and continuous technical support.



What are the motivating factors of the flooring industry?

India’s construction industry will continue to expand over the forecast period (2016-2020), with investments in residential, infrastructure and energy projects continuing to drive growth.
Various government flagship programs including 100 Smart Cities Mission, Housing for All, Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation (AMRUT), Make in India and Power for All will be the growth drivers.



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