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Prestressed Precast Structures Flexible Solutions for All Sectors


Prestressed Precast construction offers a wide range of solutions applicable to many sectors including residential, commercial, parking structures, industrial buildings and more. Over the many decades of practice of this innovative method, it has been used to build a range of diverse structures due to the advantages it poses in the respective sector. Some such advantages are elaborated in this article.


Prestressed Precast
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Commercial buildings, especially in a developing country like ours, are often required to be expedited in heavily built up areas and be as minor of an obstruction as possible to the surrounding area. Also, such projects require adherence to stringent timelines in order to meet the demands of the customer. These needs can be met using the precast construction as it involves minimum on-site labor and stricter and short timelines.

Parking Structures

The advantages of Prestressed Precast Construction can be fully exploited in the construction of parking structures which require huge clear spans so as to have minimum obstructions to the movements of the vehicles. Prestressed Precast products are capable of having long spans without any compromising of structural integrity. The finished surface of the elements means there need to plaster or paint the surfaces which is ideal for such structures.


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In a sector which has high demands in terms of quality, requires elements at large scales with strengths to meet the rigorous tasks of industrial production, Prestressed Precast Concrete is the best solution. Industrial warehouses can be built using turnkey precast construction or by the integration of precast products such as walls and slabs with a steel frame for a lighter building. Prestressed Precast Construction offers swift solutions to achieve large scale constructions with high standards of safety.


The construction of academic institutions with precast has the advantage of providing an open plan layout while offering flexibility. The acoustic performance of the structures increases noise insulation and the high thermal mass of concrete means a conservation of energy in terms of heating and ventilation. Minimal onsite activity and safe construction practices ensure the health and safety of the surroundings as well.


The need for efficiency in terms of energy usage, resistance to accidental fire and long life of structures makes precast construction a good choice for building healthcare concerns. The HCS flooring can be used to channel air around the building, longitudinal ducts in floor increase effective building mass as the energy store and serve as heat exchangers between rooms and can facilitate in creating spaces having different temperatures. These characteristics of precast construction offer unique advantages to the health industry.


The ease of mass production of similar elements and the rapid rate at which they can be installed in place, is a huge advantage in the residential real estate sector, which makes precast construction a lucrative option for residences. Towers of any height can be built in the matter of months than in years and many unique and aesthetically pleasing architectural elevations can also be cast using precast concrete without the hassle of bulky shuttering and expertise labor. Usage of precast for the construction of houses by private builders is on the rise which is a happy consequence of the overwhelming demand for residential infrastructure in the country.


Prestressed Precast
Yamuna House B Seenayya (BSCPL)


The immense flexibility and variety offered by precast structures is unparalleled and can be optimised to benefit any sectors of construction. With efficient planning prestressed precast solutions are designed to be versatile, durable and cost-efficient, allowing projects to be ready on time and on the budget.

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