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Eureka Forbes is a name that has become synonymous with quality cleaning equipment in the country. As a trusted brand in the industry, the company offers a wide range of cleaning equipment catering to various sectors. Forbes Pro is the institutional arm of the company, under which it offers a quality range of road sweeping machine models. These models have been setting the standards in the industry with their features and technology. In an exclusive interview with The Masterbuilder, Raja Mukherjee, National Head –Training & Technical Services, of the company gave detailed inputs on the road sweeping equipment models offered by the company. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Give us an overview of the road sweeping machine models that you offer.

Industrial sweepers are categorized into ‘Broom Sweepers’ and ‘Vacuum Sweepers’ and are used categorically for various different types of applications and debris types. Broom Sweepers could be customized as per the dust type, content, etc. with different types of brushes and pick up action. Forbes Pro presents a full range of walk behind and ride on sweepers to cater to all forms of debris collection. The other category is of Vacuum Sweepers which are primarily  used for heavy sweeping application using vacuum action. They could be a truck mounted variant or could be an integrated sweeper.

Competition is gradually increasing in the field of road sweeping machines. This being the case, broadly speaking what makes your products such as CS140 and Cityfant 60 different from others?

Municipalities and township are gradually moving away from the age old methods of manual sweeping which draws excessive use of manpower , resources and ultimately not delivering the results that are expected. Needless to add the issues related to its management. Herein fits the vacuum sweepers, which could come in both truck mounted and integrated models.

CS 140 is an integrated sweeper with a patented “twin action” mechanism to pick up the dust and debris i.e. through brush and vacuum. This provides the perfect sweeping action for roads within townships and factories and with its high filtration efficiencies (about 50 sq.m) this does not allow any dust to go back into the environment. Its ergonomic design and operational finesse allow this machine to be a “Smart” inclusion to the road cleaning machinery fleet.

CITYFANT 60 befits the name it carries as this machine has the capabilities to work diligently like an elephant and with sweeping speeds up to 20 kmph, this gives high productivity and greater return on investments. With high suction capacities of around 14000cum/hr, this provides an ideal solution for heavily dusty roads and premises. This system could be mounted onto the chassis of a truck of your choice (as per specs of the machine) .

Have you incorporated any technical feature in order to suit Indian working conditions in your range of road sweepers?


All our road sweepers are designed in line with the Indian working conditions. Sweeping in an industry calls for perfect collection of dust lying on the floors with minimal dust flying into the air. For this there are sweeper options available with “high dust lift” due to the brush and suction unit combination on mechanical sweepers and also could be done with a purely suction sweeper. Where the dust content is high, like in the warehouses, industries or parking lots, due to the movement of goods and vehicles, one may require a softer brush for easy pick up, pocket filters of the order of 2.5-50 sq.m. For heavier particles hard brushes could be used for efficient lift. Like-wise numerous customizations could be made suiting the desired application.

Give us an example/few examples of cities/towns where your mechanized sweeping equipment has made a key contribution towards the upkeep and service of infrastructure?

Our sweepers can be found in almost all the towns and cities of India. You would find them running in the municipalities of Jalgaon, Delhi, Moradabad, Ahmedabad and many more. You would find our sweepers working in major public places like IGI airport in Delhi, various railway stations like Nizammuddin and in major shopping complexes. Sweeping solutions are provided to major industries like Tata Motors, Ford Motors, Reliance Industries, etc. Hospitals also are not left behind with machines in AIIMS (Delhi), GB Pant, etc. in all the mentioned places the sweeper has become an integral part of their operations and provide the users quality services.

What is the technology features incorporated in the mechanized sweeping equipment to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions?

The basic parameter that governs the true working of a sweeper is that it should not allow the dust to fly and pollute the environment. To achieve this specialized high efficiency filters are incorporated to serve the purpose. We have the option of Pocket or Panel filtration which suits as per the requirements. The engine operated versions are equipped with the Tier-3 range of engines from Honda and Perkins which adheres to all the environmental norms. This added with high efficiency hydraulic systems makes its autonomy very high and thus gives economical operations and longer running hours.


How does your mechanized sweeping equipment help in increasing asphalt life?

The bristles of the main and the side brush penetrate in the voids of the asphalt to remove the dust particles. In case of a vacuum sweeper the suction power is sufficient enough to draw out the dust from the asphalt. An asphalt road has bituminous bonding between each other which actually hold the road together and any sand in between the voids would disrupt the bond and disintegrate the stones thus creating potholes. Even due to the sanding effect of the dust the asphalt is stripped off the bitumen and consequently results in damage of the road.

What is the strategy you have in place to train operators on using your range of equipment?

Forbes Pro has a dedicated set of regional technical heads in various regions (12 to be precise for pan-India) who take care of the trainings and the product stabilization activities under the umbrella of the Forbes Pro Academy of Cleaning Sciences (FACS) based in Delhi.  Since its inception we have till date trained around 15000 janitors and operators on the various concepts of mechanized cleaning and cleaning equipment. There are specific training modules designed for particular applications and cadre of trainees. There are certification courses too which are delivered on chargeable basis. Forbes Pro, through this training academy, has put our best foot forward towards educating the society on cleanliness and hygiene and instills “trust” in the users of the machines.

Given the increasing number of mega highway projects, are you planning any new launches in the near future?

Forbes Pro has always been associated with “change” for process up liftment and refinement and will continue to do so with state of the art products and solutions. The CS 140 has been just the precise solution for perfect sweeping efficiency.

What is your immediate outlook for the industry?

In today’s times when manpower availability remains an issue and apparently costly too, the shift to mechanized cleaning is an obvious choice.  As per standards a person could be cleaning around 250sqm in an hour, the use of a sweeper range could compensate for almost 5-50 persons! The productivity of a sweeper ranges from 3500 sq.m/hr to above 20000 sqm/hr, hence this workhorse if effectively utilized, could actually provide the clients quicker returns on investments. Topping this up, a client gets speed of operations, complete cleaning efficiency and increased product lifecycle which all boil down to cost benefits for the customers.

Raja Mukherjee, National Head –Training & Technical Services,


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