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Quality, Categorical Assistance & Safety Standards for MACHINERY and MATERIAL

Hitesh V Parmar
General Manager
REALM Intermediates Pvt Ltd.

REALM, is committed to being a partner for the Roofing Industry. They work closely with all section of the trade to understand your needs and they seek out the finest fasteners from across the world making them available right at their client’s door step to assist and increase your performance.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Hitesh V Parmar, General Manager, REALM Intermediates Pvt Ltd.

Wherein he shared insights on the potential of fastener market, products being sold by the company and a overview of the market in general.

What is the range of products being offered by REALM?

REALM Intermediates Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated in 1998.

Our aim is to provide Quality Construction Products in the industry.

We represent DEKS Industries Pty Ltd., an Australian Company based at Melbourne. The Company manufactures different types of EPDM Flashing Products. These products are used to cover Cutouts such as Chimney, Cable Trays, HVAC Ducts covers on metal building on both Roof and Cladding.

DEKS is a Leader in EPDM Flashing Products and ROOFING Solutions.

DEKS manufactures EPDM Washers for Polycarbonate ROOFING / FRP Roofs.

REALM is distributor of ROOFIX Self Drilling Screws which is a Quality ROOFING Fasteners made in taiwan.

ROOFIX Fasteners are made as per the Australian Standard AS 3566 2002. The Rust Shield Coating gives protection to the fastener against Corrosion. Product meets all the requirements of Porosity of coating, Mechanical Properties, Chemical Compatibility of fasteners.

Roofix Fasteners has solutions for different Steel purlins thickness, Puff Panel, Wood.

What is the potential of fastener market in India?

ROOFING Fasteners is a very big market in India. Majority of the companies cater to the bottom of the pyramid of the market with Zinc Coated Fasteners. The Product life cycle is low and starts to rust there by risking the Major items of the METAL ROOF.

Poor Quality of Fasteners lead to Early Roof Failure, Leakages and Rusting challenges.

ROOFIX Fasteners are manufactured and packed in Taiwan. The product is made strictly as per the Australian Standard AS 3566 – 2002. The product uses TRUE Blue EPDM washers of DEKS Industries.



What technology is being adopted by the company, that gives it the edge much needed at present time?

The coating of RUST Shield is very Quality Coating used to protect the steel against Corrosion. The Screws are MECHANICALLY Plated and then E- Coating is done on the screws. The Porosity of Coating is thick as it has to protect the steel against Corrosion.

The Screws are fitted with True Blue EPDM Washers made by DEKS Industries Australia. Which prevents Galvanic cell corrosion caused by disimiliar metals and electro-chemical corrosion is decreased  because of the use of low carbon EPDM seals which stops the potential difference circuit.

The coatings are 45 microns thick consisting of a Mechanical Plating plus E-Coating (compatible with zincalume) This is 8 times thicker than standard screw coatings so will last 8 times longer.

The “Edge Guard” feature  allows the screw to pass through the profile not allowing the coating to be scraped off. This increases anti-corrosion performance by 60%.

Top Grip locks the profile between the head and under the  seal stopping water entry.

Discuss the installation and after sales services of the company for its products?

The company gives a 20 year warranty on its products.

ROOFIX has range of fasteners for different steel thickness. WE offer the right fasteners for the right Solutions.

We offer solutions for Selection of right fasteners for the job. Any way we could assist the Specifiers we will offer total solutions from product design to Availability to installation. Complete solutions.

Share some of the landmark projects done by the company.

We supply to major PEB Companies, Construction Companies, ROOFING Contractors and end Clients.


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