Radial roads yet to be completed 33 radial roads were identified...

Radial roads yet to be completed

33 radial roads were identified to improve connectivity between city roads and National Highways and State Highways. Out of the 33 radial roads, only mere 12 road works have been completed.
Radial roads

Radial roads yet to be completed. The radial road development project which was slated to be finished by September 2016 is yet to be completed.

The total length of 33 radial roads is 376 kilometres. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) officials claimed that the negligence of contractor was the reason behind the delay.

According to HMDA official, out of the 33 roads, 16 roads have been handed over to Roads and Building (R&B) department under GO 144 dated 17 March 2015.

Five remaining roads from Aramghar Junction to Umda nagar, Panjagutta to Muttangi, Tadban to Kandla Kooi, Uppal junction to Anojiguda, LB Nagar to Tohas have been improved by National Highway Authority.

A senior HMDA official said the radial roads work was supposed to be completed by September 2016.

He said the radial roads work from Shaikpet to Kokapet, Jeedimetla to Saregudem, Radhika junction to Yadgarpally Junction, ECIL X road to Cheriyal X road and Nagole junction to Gowerelly village X road is under progress.

But the stretch from Shaikpet to Kokapet and Jeedimetla to Saregudem is being delayed due to contractor laxity.

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