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    Rajasthan Government passes ‘titling’ law


    property ownershipThe Rajasthan Government has passed a landmark legislation providing statutory backing to land records, effectively guaranteeing land and property ownership. This will create an efficient and transparent modern land market, provide certainty of tenure, and end litigation that often mires development projects. Once an individual is accorded legitimate rights to land, which at present can be disputed, their ability to trade these rights improves dramatically. The government also passed another law related to land acquisition, the Rajasthan Land Pooling Schemes Bill. Till the Rajasthan law was passed, India did not guarantee titles. The only proof of ownership was (and, in other states, still is) proof of a transaction between a buyer and a seller or property tax receipts. All these can be legally challenged, and usually are, holding up both industrial and development projects, from hardware parks to low-cost housing. The bill will boost land acquisition in the state. The second legislation, Rajasthan Land Pooling Schemes Bill provides for easy aggregation of small land holdings. It argues that land holdings in Rajasthan are small and in irregular parcels and that this impedes the development of adequate infrastructure. The bill provides for land for infrastructural development and enables the government to consolidate small land holdings. The land holders in return will get an equivalent share of development land.


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