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    Ramboll awarded world’s trickiest logistic operation

    TMT - Observatory

    Danish engineer, Ramboll has been given an unusual task as part of a €1.5bn ($1.6bn) project to build the world’s largest optical telescope in northern Chile. Its job will be to transport 900 mirrors from factories in Europe to the top of the 3-km-high Cerro Armazones mountains in the Atacama desert. In 2013, Ramboll was chosen as consultant for the procurement and construction process, and now the client agency, European Southern Observatory (ESO), also wants Ramboll to identify, assess the risks and formulate a strategy for the logistic operation. Transporting such structures over land, sea and partly by air takes very sophisticated operations in itself. Once the mirrors arrive on site, they will be assembled into the 39-m-diameter mirror of the European Extremely Large Telescope (EELT), which will gather 13 times more light than the largest optical telescopes existing today. It is fitted with “adaptive optics” that allow lasers to assess the degree of atmospheric distortion above the telescope and adjust the mirror to cancel it out. This, it is thought, will provide images 16 times sharper than those from the Hubble Space Telescope. The telescope is being built by the ACe consortium, which is led by Italian engineering contractors Astaldi Construction and Cimolai.


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