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Reaching greener heights with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete


World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report suggests Green building industry in India is expected to grow by 20 percent in the next three years, mainly on the grounds of environmental regulation and spiraling demand. In, this regard Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is one of the most preferred materials in the construction sector. There has been further innovation on this concept. One company that has been a frontrunner in this field is Methra Industries, with its trendsetting ‘Cell O Con’ range of AAC blocks. The company through its sustained R & D focus has been able to maintain its competitive edge and make rapid inroads into the market.


The CELL O CON segregated product edge:

– These Blocks from Methras are extremely lightweight to be specific approximately 3 times lighter than traditional bricks. Application of these blocks results in savings in handling and transportation costs.
– Structural accessibility is a very important trait of these blocks. One can incur great savings in the foundation and structural costs due to the decrease in overall dead load.
– The specified blocks are seven times the size of traditional bricks. This results in substantial savings in Cement due to fewer joints compared to brickwork and finished plaster work.
– These blocks are factory finished with precise edges & shapes, this result in economical POP or Putty finish and much-reduced plaster cost.
– Due to the numerous micropores in
the block, it has a very low thermal conductivity and makes an excellent thermal insulation material. Due to reduced cooling/heating loads, it reduces air conditioning/heating loads by as much as 25-30%.
– The blocks have natural acoustic insulation due to its aerated structure and have superior sound absorption properties in comparison with other materials.
– These AAC blocks have much lower water retention or capillary action compared to the conventional bricks. CELL O CON AAC blocks are also termite, pest, mold and fungus resistant and hence greatly improve the indoor air quality.
– These Blocks have proven earthquake resistance due to its lightweight and porous structure. The structure has millions of tiny cells which cushions buildings from the major force, preventing progressive collapse. Thus it saves lives and response time for rescue operations during an earthquake.
– The specified AAC uses the least amount of energy to produce than any other masonry building material. The manufacturing process is such that negligible gaseous, liquid or solid waste is released into the environment. Moreover, Fly Ash [a waste product during Thermal Power Generation) is the MAJOR raw material consisting 6O-7O% of the total weight.


Anyone using AAC blocks should first ascertain the quality for otherwise it could lead to long-term damage to the structure. The Methra Industries has always been known for its penchant for introducing unique products that score high when it comes to quality and are innovative. The product application is highly suited for commercial constructions and multistoreyed constructions among few others.




Brief Author Bio

P. Venkatesan
Managing Director, Methra Industries

The construction industry is full of stories symbolizing the triumph of entrepreneurial spirit backed by technical and business acumen. The story of Methra Industries is a good example. A brainchild of P.Venkatesan, a dynamic technocrat with wide ranging experience in the construction industry, spanning over three decades, the company has become a top name in the field with its Cell O Con AAC Blocks. The other Green products offered by the company include, Cell O Con Green Gypsum Plaster and Cell O Con Dry Mix Mortar, all of which are a result of meticulous research and development.

For further details:
Methra Industries India Pvt Ltd
62 Panchali Amman Koil Street,
Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600106
Ph: +91-44-23638652,
E-mail: admin@methras.in,
Web: www.methras.in


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