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Reinforcement for any kind of Flooring System


Flooring innovation is happening across the country and the market is foreseeing a range of new applications in the flooring industry. The flooring work requires high-end expertise and innovators to enable a perfectly segmented flooring construction. One such group of an expert is Baekart.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Arun Kamtekar, Regional Sales Manager, wherein he shared insight on Baekart’s
services and an overview of the market in general.


Arun Kamtekar,
Regional Sales Manager,
Bekaert Industries


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

In respect to industrial flooring discuss the range of services offered by Dramix?

Every industrial floor has its own very specific needs. The new Dramix® range of steel fibres provides you with the right solution for the reinforcement of any type of floor.

Standard floors: Over the years, the Dramix® 3D steel fibres have proven to be the most cost-efficient solution for the reinforcement of standard industrial floors. Mesh is no longer necessary, saving time during construction, while delivering excellent performance and durability, along with optimized crack control.

High serviceability floors: The Dramix® 4D series has been designed with the highest serviceability in mind. It enables you to meet the most demanding hygiene, safety, and environmental requirements. The 4D is also the recommended solution for combined reinforcement, giving you the most cost effective and efficient liquid tight solution.

Structural floors: The unique capabilities of the Dramix® 5D series enable you to use fibre / composite (Fibres + Rebars) reinforcement in a wide range of new applications including structural floors, extremely demanding environments, and high-tech applications such as clad racks and floors on piles.



What are the coating technologies adopted by the company?

Bekaert is a worldwide known as market and technological leader in core competences

Advanced metal transformation
Advance materials and coatings

Dramix® Green: a fresh approach! Galvanized steel fibres for concrete reinforcement

Durability of the concrete has been and remains a very hot topic in the construction business for many years now. Several studies have shown that corrosion is the world’s leading cause of damage in reinforced concrete. That is why we need to evolve more to an environment in building construction, where long-term performance is standard.

Dramix® Green allows you to combine quality and productivity. Concrete mixed with Dramix® Green results in smaller cracks and better water-tightness. In addition, with Dramix® Green steel fibres, precast constructors can be more productive, as traditional mesh reinforcement is no longer needed.



What is the recent trend of the flooring market?

Flooring industry is seeing a swing towards more sustainable flooring solutions in the industry. Investors are looking for flooring that is durable, low maintenance, and cost efficient during construction stage.

Rapid industrialization, rising government expenditure on infrastructure and manufacturing facilities will positively influence industrial floor market growth.

Driving factors are based on the flooring requirement. The modern connotation of a good Industrial Floor encompasses aesthetics, quick install ability, longevity, economy, slip resistance, quality, functionality, durability, eco-friendliness, and moisture resistance.


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