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Reliable Concreting Solutions with 25 Year of Trust

Concrete Pumps
Debasis Bhattacharya
Head -Sales-Marketing & Product Support,
Ajax Fiori

Over the years, Ajax Fiori has substantially expanded its product range to also manufacture Batching Plants, Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps and Boom Pumps. Ajax Fiori products are backed up by pan India dealer network to provide timely and quality product support, that is unmatched in the industry. Today, over 12000 equipment is working satisfactorily throughout the country across varied applications ranging from CC Roads, Bridges, Irrigation Structures, Canal Linings, Railways, Power Projects, Buildings, Factories, Foundations, Urban Development, etc.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Debasis Bhattacharya –Head –Sales, Marketing & Product Support, Ajax Fiori, wherein he shared insights on the concreting equipment demand and product offerings.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

How is the demand for concreting equipment across India at present?

The Infrastructure sector in India is on the upswing and especially in Road & Irrigation segment. The Central Govt’s plan to build more Concrete Roads for the National Highways & Express Highways is creating more demand for Concreting Equipment such as Batching Plants, Concrete Pumps, Transit Mixers & Pavers.

On the other hand most of the State Govts. are focusing on the livelihood of their farmers and as a result more Irrigation Projects are being announced and works are being carried out in full swing.

The Concreting Equipment Industry is witnessing a steady growth for the past 2 years and we at Ajax have registered a growth of 30%-35% consistently during this period.

Amidst the huge range of product offerings, in the past quarter which one has seen the most demand?

Ajax is the Global Leader in Self Loading Concrete Mixers (SLCM) and a major force in India for Batching Plants, Transit Mixers & Concrete Pumps. Our main offerings for this sector are our Compact type CRB series Batching Plants for producing high quality concrete and our Next generation ASP series Stationary Concrete Pumps, Boom Pumps & Transit Mixers.

The last quarter witnessed a good demand in SLCM and Batching Plant markets and this is mainly due to the varied application segments catered by these machines.

In regard to growing importance towards Urban Infrastructure, what is the range of product offerings?

Ajax provides Total Concrete Solutions to its Customers for their specific needs in Concrete Production, Transportation and Placement, whatever the need, wherever the need and whenever the need may be. The Company is playing a key role especially in Roads & Bridges sector such as  Pradhan Mantri /Chief Minister Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY/CMGSY), Major/Minor district Road projects. NHAI, State highway projects. Our products are widely used in both Rural and Urban areas.

Ajax launched the very first 25 metre Boom Pump in the Indian industry. Made out of High grade and light weight steel, the 70 cubic metre output pump can be mounted on a 4X2 chassis which places this machine @ the top of the list of Boom pumps as none of the manufacturer has combined such a mammoth pumping machine on a compact chassis. These traits of our AF 25ZX makes this machine an economical choice for customer.

Our ASP series Concrete Pumps some standard with superior “S” Valve technology, efficient hydraulic system and customised manifold, which is ideally suited for high pressure vertical pumping of concrete.

Key Features of Ajax Fiori Concrete Pump –ASP Series

  • Efficient use of engine power for efficient fuel consumption.
  • Appropriate feeding height ensures clear visibility of concrete at the hopper.
  • Effective control system with simple electrical Panel
  • Efficient open loop Single hydraulic pump.
  • Automatic greasing, wired remote, hopper vibrator, limit switch for hopper grill safety ensures high performance of the pump.

The ASP series of Stationary Concrete Pump is currently available in 3 capacities viz., 40, 50 & 70 cum per hour, working in multiple job sites all over India.

The Compact Reduce Bin Batching Plant Series (CRB Series) and Inline Reduced Bin Batching Plant Series (IRB Series) from Ajax stable is the result of understanding Customer needs and their site constraints.

Ajax Batching plants of capacity 30 cu.m & 60 cu.m /hr. comes with a Planetary Mixer as a standard feature. World over, the planetary mixers have replaced the turbo mixers for most applications, owing to its capability of producing high quality concrete of different types.

Apart from national demand,  what’s the expectation from  BIG 5 – Saudi Arabia

Ajax has its footprint in India for the last 25 years and has entered SAARC Countries such as Srilanka, Nepal & Bhutan. We participated in the last edition of Big-5 Saudi Arabia and received a good response. We have plans to explore the Middle East market at a later stage with our Product offerings.

The network is one of the key USP of Ajax Fiori, in this regard what is the most challenging aspect?

Ajax has one of the best Network in the Construction Equipment Industry with 27 Dealers in the country and 3 overseas dealers in Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan. It has 2 Service centres at Bangalore & Hyderabad. The customer expects parts & service availability to his closest point and this is a big challenge for many manufacturers today.

We understand the customer better and have 82 touch points in India. All our touch points are strategically located such that parts & service are available to the customer within a radius of 150-180 kms from his location. This will ensure faster uptime of their machines as most projects are working on shorter deadlines.


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