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Rental Services of Access Equipments and Concreting Solutions


Swastik Corporation is an Indian access rental platform company with over 15 years of experience. They supply a wide range of aerial platforms across India & Sri Lanka, from battery and diesel scissor lifts to articulated and telescopic boom lifts, aluminum scaffolds and truck mounts. Their well-maintained fleet of Aerial platforms offers a variety of choices. They also provide safety training and fleet maintenance on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.



Carefully designed aerial and concreting products
SCISSOR LIFT: Scissor lifts provide productivity-enhancing speed and grade ability. Scissor lifts are the industry solution for increasing worksite productivity. Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, they’re excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces. These lifts provide excellent capacity and maximum platform workspace.
ARTICULATING BOOM: A standard oscillating axle and optional four-wheel drive give an outstanding drive performance on rough terrain. Optional four-wheel steer with three-position switch provides un-matched agility in tight spaces. Improved platform controls have been redesigned for smoother, controlled operation and job site productivity.
TELESCOPIC BOOM: Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform perfect for areas with limited access to construction and industrial applications. Telescopic S™-booms are also designed for productivity with the traction.
ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLD TOWER: Although Aluminium Scaffold is a much more expensive when compared to traditional Galvanized steel, it is significantly lighter and has a High Corrosion resistance.The top four reasons to use an Aluminium Scaffold are; Safety, Mobility, Lower Erection Time, Cost & Labor, Saves Energy & increases productivity
There are basically four variants of Mobile Aluminium Scaffold that are being offered:
1. MAST L Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower Ladder
2. MAST S Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower Stairway
3. MAST B Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower Bridge
4. MAST N Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower Narrow
TRUCK MOUNTED: These Double Articulated Truck Mounted Aerial Platform DA324 is the higher double articulated aerial platform installed on 3.5-tons trucks. Able of a maximum working height of 24 m and a maximum outreach of 11 m, the DA324 has got a safe working load (SWL) of 225 kg (2 operators + tools). Truck Mounted is a perfect choice for all of the scaffold access applications
ALUMINIUM ACCESS PLATFORM: Aluminum Access Platforms are suitable for various overhead tasks in construction, factories, sports facilities, airports, malls, office buildings and high rise structures.
JLG SPIDER LIFT: Compact design increases ease of transport. Enhanced maneuverability and accessibility, Environmentally-friendly electric and combustion combination power for efficient energy usage.
TELE HANDLERS: The JCB 515-40 is also one of the most innovative telehandlers in the world. Put simply, wheeled loading shovel and forklift all in one compact telehandler package.
PUSH LIFTS: With their compact dimensions and low weight, it enables them to operate safely in restricted spaces such as offices, retail stores, hotels or crowded industrial aisles where a traditional scissor or boom lift is unable to maneuver. These units, due to their low weight, can be transported in standard elevators
SKID STEER LOADER: With Bobcat skid-steer loaders, one can work more efficiently, lift more, turn faster and dig more. This loader delivers an ideal weight balance, stronger hydraulics, quicker cycle times and faster travel speeds.
PK 15500 TRUCK MOUNTED CRANE: The new PK 15500 Performance is the ideal crane for handling unit loads. It can lift light machinery and heavy structural components with ease. Thanks to years of practical experience and PALFINGER technical know-how it brings high efficiency to any job.
LOW LEVEL LIFT ACCESS: Ideal for offices, factories, and warehouses. Simply step into the lift and elevate yourself to a maximum working height 3.5m. Its innovative design means it has no battery or engine so requires no charging and virtually none of the maintenance requirements of other low-level mechanical lifts.
ALUMINUM WORKING PLATFORM: Aluminum working platforms are adjustable in height with in-built guardrails. It’s a one piece which can be quickly assembled and dismantled & height adjustable.
Quality Service, Speedy Solutions and Transparency of these products have set up a new benchmark among users. Furthermore, a well established production unit and integration of modern day compact design has resulted in the an assimilation of innovative product ranges. Enhanced maneuverability and efficient energy usage are the forte of these products.

For further details:
Swastik Corporation
No.8, Duraiswamy Road, Natesan Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600 092
Ph: 09444385050, 08939895811
Email: info@swastikcorp.com
Web: www.swastikcorp.com / www.swastikcorp.in


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