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    Repair of Kochi’s Kundannoor flyover side roads to be completed soon

    Kundannoor flyover side roads

    Repair works on Kochi’s Kundannoor flyover side roads, according to the PWD will be completed within a week’s time. However, the renovation of sub-arterial roads does not come under the purview of the PWD, and haven’t received any directions for the same as well, the State agency announced.

    Marymatha Constructions, the contracting firm, alleges the repeated digging up of the stretch for city gas pipeline project as the main reason for the poor condition of Kundannoor flyover side roads. The firm has earlier approached the PWD minister to stop the continuous digging up of the road. It had stopped for a few days but started again.

    PWD commenced the work of building the six-lane flyover in the middle by opening the service roads on both sides for traffic. But the existing old service roads weren’t equipped to handle heavy traffic. If we were given enough land, then, we could have widened the service road before we started the construction work

    The contractor highlighted the need for the junction development before the commencement of the flyover construction. Instead of temporarily filling the potholes, the junction development should have been done in the first place. But the department put that work under the next phase of development. The development would have addressed the major issues.


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