Review of initiatives taken by the Steel Ministry to enhance demand and...

    Review of initiatives taken by the Steel Ministry to enhance demand and production of steel

    Steel Ministry

    A meeting was held in New Delhi which is was an initiative made by the steel ministry to “enhance production of steel in the country to meet demands” and “the status of completion of the project by the PSUs”. This meeting of the Parliamentary consultative committee was chaired by the Union Minister of Steel, Shri. Chaudhary Birender Singh. Shri Vishnu Deo Sai Minister of State in the Ministry of steel and Dr. Aruna Sharma the Secretary of steel were seen on the occasion.

    He lauded the Steel Ministry for the tremendous support and cooperation, that in six months they were able to host three meeting. These meetings act as way markers giving significant solution for greater impact on the outcome of the steel industry in India.


    The first meeting held in august 2016, put a benchmark for the possibility of India to be a net exporter of steel in the following financial year. The herculean achievement is made possible because the “same fair chance” is given to the Industry by the Government about regular policy intervention, whenever required. Besides this, Constant perusal by the ministry has ensured a safer growth for steel Industry to thrive in the challenging trade.

    Safe Haven

    Keeping in mind to the enhance production of steel Shri. Chaudhary Birender Singh said a draft policy has been prepared and uploaded on the website of the ministry, allowing the Shareholders to find out the suggestion and see the various comments. This Policy aim at pushing its production to 300 million tonnes per annum by 2030-31 from a 122 million tones capacity in 2015-16, if the industry follows a “Developmental Path”, there would be an increase in per capita consumption of steel in India

    Project Outlined                                         

    The Ministry of Steel with representatives from INSDAG, steel producers, consultants, architects, users and government authorities have made four committees to promote usage of steel. The support comes from the increasing usage of steel in Railways, Urban Development, Road Transport and Highways and Shipbuilding Sectors.

    Even Rural areas got revamp because of it’s time efficient, durable and easy to built with an available prototype. 1500 road bridges and 208 over bridges have been constructed using Steel; a better example is the Chardham Highway project.

    Steely Factor

    A transformation has happened, where the intensive standardising design of steel in building and bridges, the steel minister have informed that last month, companies like these will intensify and go all out namely SAIL, MECON and INSDAG. Steel usage has been increasing more and more. Understanding the need for it both in agriculture and industry, the ministry goes beyond covering potholes using steel sheets. A meeting of Steel consumer Council, will discuss  the various possibilities to lay out the action plan, will be held on the 21st January 2017. The Steel Minister has informed the inaugural run of the Vizag Steel Samta Express at Nizamuddin Station, to the members, as a brand promotion. This initiation kick- starts last month. The Ministry also invite suggestions from the general public on Mygov Platform on optimizing the usage of Steel. Furthermore, the Ministry have tried various possible ways to intensify the use of steel through brand marketing activities, with the aid of media to reach out to people. Sail has also taken its part in Advertising Campaign.

    Steel policy

    The Indian steel producers have been given fair chance by the Government, in the trade by providing tariff and non-tariff measures, so that imports of steel from other countries will be ruled out. Speaking to the concerned ministries, the Steel Minister informed the members that a mandatory policy would be introduced, to use Indian-made Steel for all infrastructure and construction projects of the Government. Cycle cost analysis in design and planning stage in public projects have been included in the GFR guidelines. Avenues are being explored in the usage of steel fabrication in bridges, containers, water tank, crash barriers and so on.


    Steel Production increased by 10.5 percent from April to December. The Government has also helped to sustain this momentum through multi-pronged strategy, easing the availability of raw materials. Import duty on coking coal is reduced to increase its availability. More washeries from Coal India in production and also discouraging coking coal to be used in power plant have been one of the strategies the Ministry of Steel is working. Besides this, policy on mining is reform to have fair, transparent and fast resources to enhance the availability of other raw materials like Iron ore, nickel, pellets and Steel scrap.

    North and western India likely to set up a Scrap based steel plants, Shri Chaudhary Birender Singh, Minister of Steel Said. These plants will produce high quality and it will be eco-friendly, energy efficient and cost effective. This will be an addition to Greenfield Production to remodel existing Public and Private sector steel plant through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) route; foreign tie-ups to Brown Field expansion. The indigenous capability has been developed to produce value-added steels, like CRGO Steel and auto-grade Steel which are imported. 15 million tonnes of Steel Production have been added over the last two years. Efforts have been made to increase steel production and all problems have been tackled, so as not to hamper the growth of production. Slurry pipelines have been laid to reduce cost logistics; thereby reducing rail freights. This is being achieved through Inter-ministerial interventions. With the support and cooperation of the Members of Parliament, the yardstick drawn at 300 million tonnes steel production is a possibility.

    A capacity to 6.3 million tonnes increased per annum is achieved successfully by RINL, through modernization and expansion projects. By 2018 the company target to complete the setting up of a Forged Wheel Plant at Lalganj in UP.

    NMDC is setting up a steel plant with an annual capacity of 3 million tonnes in Nagarnar, Chhattisgarh; this project is almost in completion. The company aims in laying down slurry pipelines and pellet plant project by 2020. SAIL has also on the verge of completion of its steel plant; The Bhilai Steel Plant is being monitored regularly.


    Valuable suggestions were given by the members on the Agenda which is an “initiatives taken by Ministry of Steel to enhance demand and production of steel and status of completion of projects by PSUs”

    The meeting was attended by the following Members of Parliament:

    Members of Lok Sabha included Shri Bidyut Baran Mahato, BJP, Jamshedpur (Bihar); Shri Bodh Singh Bhagat, BJP, Balaghat (MP); Shri Dinesh Kashyap, BJP, Bastar (Chhatisgarh); Shri Janardan Singh Sigriwal, BJP, Maharajganj (Bihar); Shri Laxman Giluwa, BJP, Singhbhum (Jharkhand); Dr. Anupam Hazra, All India Trinamool Congress, Bolpur (West Bengal) ; Shri M. Chandrakasi, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu) and Members of Rajya Sabha included Shri Tapan Kumar Sen, CPI(M), West Bengal.


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