A Revolution on Concrete Product Plant Automation

A Revolution on Concrete Product Plant Automation

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Technological Innovation has become a need of time more so in construction projects. nowadays consumers look out of time-saving attributes and faster production capability of equipment for projects. The machines become an important factor as the full production work of the project is dependent on it. Therefore, one needs to superconscious and highly aware while buying these machines. One such group  of expert are Po Tech Co. They manufacture concrete product machine, automation equipment and many kinds of moulds by advanced technology.

Machine Modulation

Po Tech machine has spread out their  market to India one and a half years ago with their fluent experiences made through   manufacturing, installing and operating  more than 100 plants in South Korea  and  Southeast Asia last 25 years. Po Tech offers small concrete product machine with  many benefit which you may not seen before in Indian market at a competitive  price for making their initial market through 2 models, PT5555 & PT5243.

The standout features:

There are 3 main strong points of Po Tech machine.

First, Even if Po Tech is using small size steel pallet, (550X550) by adopting different stamping method (Vertical production) based on strong vibration power, both model (PT5555 & PT5243) has  1.5~2 times of production capacity than similar machine in brick production (67000 Bricks of 230 x 110 x 70mm in 8 hrs shift.)

As for paving Block, Unistone 80mm/100mm to produce colour pavers @ 16000 to 19000 per 8 hrs shift, 8pcs at a cycle and possible to attach face treatment device. Other than this, from 60mm to 250mm height of various products can be manufactured such as block, brick, kerbstone, paver.

Second, Po Tech machine has differentiated unique filling system “Impeller” which can reduce filling time, fill mortar evenly to a very narrow space in a mould. In case of hollow block, 14 mm wall thickness is possible so customer can reduce consumed material, production cost, and keep  same quality of sound proof, insulation and  good strength.

Third, Every systems designed very compactly with full automatic function (”Rack loader, Unloader, Cuber”) so only 30mx60m space required even for full automatic plant. In other words, initial invest  cost is less and maintenance is easy. Total Manpower required to operate fully automatic plant from batching to cubing is 2 to 3 only. It may be a general feeling that there will be high tax rate for importing from overseas. But South Korea has tariff agreement called “CEPA” with India so in case of Po  Tech machine, including basic duty (1.56%), total tariff is 19.89% at present. But  if customer is manufacturer, GST(18%) will be refundable. This is big  benefit.



Easy networking:

The Guide of sales, service and spare parts will be supplied from Kolkata by  Mr. J. R. Mohanty who has experienced more   than 25 years in this industry particularly more than 15 years with Columbia Machine who can extend this experience and expertise for mix design and product development. We have service people to cover the need of the earliest along with full set of spares in ready stock at Kolkata.

In a highly  competitive situation in  related industries, Po Tech thinks customer first and will share profit with international society If you would like to meet a highly productive and ideal machine, choosing Po Tech will be  best  solution.

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