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Rocland Cementitious Terrazzo System


Terrazzo is a composite material, either poured or precast. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder, polymeric, or a combination of both. Metal strips are used to divide sections, for changes in color or material in a pattern. Additional chips may be sprinkled on top before it sets. After it is cured it is grinded and polished to produce a uniformly textured smooth, glossy surface.

Broadly there are 2 types of Terrazzo systems;

  1. Pre-formulated, Polymer modified cementitious screed mortar as cast-in-situ system. Cement and polymers are the binders in these systems
  2. Pre-formulated, Resin based (Epoxy, PU) screed system. Resins are the binders in these systems.

Rocland a RCR Industrial Flooring Group company dealing exclusively in flooring products offers Terrazzo systems which are engineered for durability, aesthetics, and various application procedures.

Cementitious terrazzo is installed in standard thickness of 12mm, 20mm, 25mm. Minimum being 12mm.

Rocland offers Terrazzo as wet-on-wet system or wet-on-dry system.

Wet-on-wet is Terrazzo screed installed over freshly leveled concrete surface.

Wet-on-dry is Terrazzo screed installed over cured concrete surface.

Wet-on-Wet Terrazzo is best with QUALITOP MASTER (in desired shade) with colored hard aggregates. Mixing ready-to-use product with water to form slurry and pouring over freshly laid and leveled base concrete surface. This ensures proper bonding and integral section.

Wet-on-Dry Terrazzo is with ready-to-use single component INDURIT TERRAZZO screed mortar. Based on aggregate size exposure desired, the thickness is decided.

Both the system is topped with dry hard-wearing colored aggregates.

Both the screeds have compressive strengths in excess of 50 N/mm2 and abrasion class of AR2 as per BS 8204. This meets the requirement of high intensity traffic in public places like airports, malls etc.

Floor flatness should meet the SR1 class as per BS 8204 requirement.

We recommend dry grinding and polishing with advanced grinding and polishing machines to get uniform floor surface and reaching 3-4mm upto walls. Imbalanced machines or improper use of tools will cause waviness in floor.

ROCLAND offer stain resistant sealers which is to be applied over polished surface before buffing. In high intensity traffic it is advisable to re-coat sealer after 1.5 to 2 years. This forms part of maintenance.

Since the system is polymer based, there is no requirement of floor densification. Rocland offer grouts which can be applied during grinding and polishing to fill up micro-pores before full polishing.

Both the system can be installed along with divider strips as per layout plan.

Rocland offer complete guidelines for system specification based on site conditions, requirements.

Other products in the range offers further improvement in performance.

LINK EVR is a shrinkage compensating additive which can be mixed in base concrete screed which may be bonded or unbonded. This offer volume stability and reduced shrinkage cracks, reduced stress at bonding interface. Base RCC slab is already cured and stabilized. Top concrete overlay shrinks and induces stress at bonding interface and cracking of screed.

PRIM a polymer bond coat has extremely high bond strength and bonds screeds like micro-topping even over vitrified tile surface.

INDURIT TERRAZZO screed is volume stable and can be installed in large pours without joints. Advantages over any other floor finish or Terrazzo tiles:

  1. Uniformity in looks, performance.
  2. Minimum joints, so minimum to no maintenance.
  3. Higher compressive, flexural and abrasion strengths. Durability in public places far outweighs other options.
  4. Speed of installation.
  5. Since it is polymer system, hardening and drying time for polishing is hardly 7-10 days, so faster turnaround time.
  6. Gloss reading with good polishing machines gives gloss reading in excess of 94. Not achievable in terrazzo tiles or mosaic type floors.
  7. Excellent stain resistance.
  8. Has sound bedding.
  9. Installation is quite mechanized and machine intensive and not left only to the craftsmanship.


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