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Role of Project Management Consultancy in Construction Project


SURYA PRAKASHAbstract: The construction industry generally deals with the various types of construction sectors viz Real Estate & Infrastructure. Real Estate sector is segmented in Residential, Industrial, Corporate, and Commercial. whereas Infrastructure sector in Roads, Railways, Urban Infrastructures, Ports, Airports and Power. To manage such kind of unique projects requires an expertise with organizations and a thorough body of knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to provide the analysis or breakdown of role of Project Management Consultancy and study the problems faced by PMC for implementing the project. Role of Project Management 2Project Management Consultancy plays multifaceted part in such projects and provides the services from inception to completion of projects. At every stage of project life cycle, the principles of pro-activeness and creating the win-win situation is necessary keeping in mind the customer / client’s requirements. Use of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) offers one of the effective management solution to increase and improve the efficiency and outcome of a project in construction. A case study of construction of a Mega Industrial Project which is dealt by PMC and project consist of various type of buildings for Manufacturing unit, Assembling unit , Logistic unit , Process unit with allied Infra of Electrical utilities, Services like Fire fighting, Sewage line, Storm water arrangement and road etc have been considered for this research work.

The Project Management Consultancy has a wide variety of roles to play during the construction process. Construction project gives benefits to the customer / client in terms of satisfaction and it consists of business development, profit, resources utilization, etc. Because of this consultancy plays a multifaceted part in the Role of Project Management 1construction project, and is usually involved in the project from the project’s inception to its completion. It is important to fully understand Project Management Consultancy and authority. Doing so ensures that the consultancy can be fully maximized on each construction project. Normally the job is managed by the Project Manager and supervised by the Construction Manager, and allied team of design engineer, construction engineer or project architect. Efficiency in management is needed to gain a higher level in competitiveness. Every construction project is different i.e. unique, every construction project demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its project team, every construction project depends upon an experienced leader to make it happen. The construction industry in India has grown very fast with the construction of new projects. Due to the rapid expansion in the construction industry, the services provided by the consultancy need to be improved in terms of performance and quality of work to meet the construction project goals and objective and also the clients satisfaction. Paper highlights the case study for research of dealing the Mega Industrial Projects by PMC through their role and responsibility during project life cycle from Project Initiation Phase and A/E Selection -Schematic Design Phase- Design Development Phase-Construction Documents Phase-Bidding and Award Phase-Construction Phase -Closeout. In all phases PMC manage the project by various services like Scheduling, Cost budgeting, Value engineering, Risk Identifying, Monitoring & controlling, Time line optimization, Resources Allocations, etc.

Need for Consultancy

Shortage of specialized staff with the Industry since at present the supervisory staff conversant with latest construction technique is not available in bulk. 2. In general, there is a shortage of supervisors who can be associated with a single project. 3. Faster execution of projects in short time.

Role of Project Management 3Pmc Roles and Responsibility

There is no specific definition of project consultant. Most definitions describe management consultants by their roles and responsibilities and services that they provide using tools and skills they have in delivering a task assigned by the client or the owner of the project.

Prepare Activity wise List of dates (Project Scheduling)

Project Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and coordinating the works of and with various Agencies & vendors, with Economical Execution with Quality Assurance and completing the Project within stipulated time with safety measures and respecting the labour laws.

Containing Time & Cost Over Runs

Role of Project Management 4Preparing the Micro level Schedule duly considering the constraints of all sorts, identifying the reasons for delay & lapses and suggesting solutions & remedial methods to curtail / contain the time and cost over runs.

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality Control & Assurance involve in checking the quality of works such as workmanship,  finishing, materials purchased, prepared and fabricated as per standards, testing them in Laboratories, rejecting the non-standard material, maintaining the registers, recommendations for fixing the responsibility if low standards are noticed, reconciliation of materials, maintaining the dimensional record ie. Measurements / dimensions before and after execution.

Time Vs Quality Vs Cost: The Planning and Scheduling shall be in such a way that the quality will not be compromised.  Time takes precedence over Cost and Quality takes precedence over loyalty of Vendor. Variation / deviation in cost and time will be informed to the Employer; however steps shall be taken to cover the delays to the extent possible. Time, Quality & Cost shall be in a proportionate manner that one should not overcome the other.
Supplemental / Extra Items: Supplemental / Extra Items of work or deletion & addition of items of work  as a result of  Employer’s decisions and which shall be taken up to continue the further works, shall be incorporated in the Master Schedule without disturbing  work schedule as far as possible. Necessary Role of Project Management 5Deviation Statement shall be prepared whenever they are observed.

Safety Measures: Safety Code shall be effectively implemented in respect of men, material, assets, animals and machinery. Necessary steps shall be taken to safeguard the men, material and assets at work by arranging necessary helmets, shoes, gloves, goggles, aprons, torch lights, first aid boxes, barricading, Diversions, fixing danger signals, fire protection arrangement etc.

Reporting System: Preparing & furnishing  Daily and weekly progress reports in respect of program & progress of works, man power engaged & work turned over by them, machinery deployed & their running hours, material receipts & consumption and also in respect of other resources whether they are in commensuration with the Progress.

Role of Project Management 6Checking of Quantities, Billing & Payment schedule: Actual Measurements of the  Quantities of materials and works shall be checked by joint measurement and checking the specifications as per the B.O.Q., deriving the rates of Extra items with regards to the specifications of items already used in BOQs, preparing running account bills and final bills as per accepted procedures in vogue recommending for recoveries and payments as per Contract Conditions & eligibility.


Project Management Consultants manage the project by application of their Knowledge, Skills, and Experience at various stages. However PMC has to face various challenges like Design Issues, Constructability Issues, Long lead material Issues, Inter Contractor Coordination Issues, Engineering Issues, Safety Issues, etc These issues could be tackled by a well organised approach of the PMC. This also includes adopting the various types of tools of higher management like Reporting dashboard, Round table progress Review and conduction of brainstorming sessions, training on various field, design – construction interface, Daily quality audits, quality diligence & delivery sessions in team. In addition to above Project Management Consultancy is effective and efficient only when it is involved in Total Project Life Cycle from Conception to Closeout. Awareness of various Processes involved in Project Management and detail study of multiple constraints of project like Time-Cost-Risk-Scope-Quality-Resource are an integral part of any project management consultancy.


  1. This article though well written, missed out THE most important topic: Work Breakdown Structure. Hopefully the author agrees that the PMC had the most important role on behalf of the client to manage the project. How does he do that without a WBS?

  2. If you see from client point of view his major concerns are Time, Cost, Scope and Quality. But if you see the point of view of Project Management Consultancy then they should control the all aspects as mentioned in PMBOK like Risk, Communication, Procurement, Stakeholders, Integration and Resources for successful completion. We as Manomav Engineers Project Management Consultancy are trying to do in similar way.


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