SAIL ‘s production capacity expected to jump 60-70% The 24th largest...

SAIL ‘s production capacity expected to jump 60-70%

The 24th largest steel producer in the world is today one of India's largest employers.
production capacity

SAIL’s production capacity expected to jump 60-70 %. SAIL is now in the last leg of the massive Rs 70,000 crore modernisation programme,

In the ongoing modernisation and expansion, the crude steel capacity is being enhanced from 12.8 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) to 21.4 MTPA.

The expansion of its plants — Salem Steel, Rourkela, IISCO, Durgapur and Bokaro — has been completed, the report said adding the new facilities are under operation and production ramp-up.

At Bhilai steel plant, Universal Rail Mill for supply of world’s longest single-piece 130-metre-long rail along with rail welding line for production of 260-metre-long rails has been completed.

SAIL has identified five core areas

business development,

quality and cost effective inputs,

production excellence,

optimising new assets utilisation,

leveraging its human capital.

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