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Sandfree Solutions from Perlcon

Perlcon Premix

Perlcon Premix Pvt Ltd is a Company, symbolizing innovation and change. Perlcon represents the value system practiced world over for manufacturing cement based premix mortars for contemporary construction. We identify problem areas, apply innovations and offer best solutions to our esteemed customers.

Perlcon Premix Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of dry mix mortar formulations that facilitate quicker and better post structural construction. The cement based, light weight, sandfree and self-curing premix mortars are developed using well researched and proven European technology, customized to Indian conditions at the company’s state of the art modern plant located near Ahmedabad. The formulations are developed using a fine blend of specially selected natural minerals which gives these unique properties.

Perlcon products are dry mortars that shall be mixed with water at site before application, shall not need curing with water post application.

The comprehensive range of products and solutions offered by the Company include:-

Sand Free Plaster Mortars –  They are Light weight,self curing, cover more area per kg, easy to mix and apply with least wastage. They are Time and labour saving also. SandFree plasters are also an ideal solution for repair work as they doesn’t need curing.The putty /paint can be applied immediately after drying.

Masonry Mortars- ‘BlockBond’ and ‘BrickBond’. BlockBond is ideally suited for various types of blocks. It is a thin jointing mortar having higher adhesion, gives very high coverage unmatched by any other product. BrickBond is meant for brick masonry work and it ensures fast construction with the least water usage.

Tile fixing mortars – A comprehensive range of tile adhesives available in different qualities to fix all types of tiles and stones, etc. Products – ‘VertiGrip’& ‘AlphaGrip’. Provides very good adhesion and high coverage unmatched by any other product.

Grouts – ‘JointoFill’ – available in various colors and water repellant variants. Bonds tiles effectively.

Putties – ‘MaskaPutty’ and ‘ColorPutty’ are the Company’s range of high quality wall putties. Being light weight they also offer better coverage compared to their peers.

Specialty Plasters- The Company’s range of innovative and versatile cement based plasters for all kinds of wall finishes includes – ‘IcyPlast’ – A very light density Plaster mortar with maximum Heat Insulation property that conserves up to 30% energy inherently for the buildings, ‘OsmoPlast – Moisture releasing Plaster’ – a repair plaster used for wall dampness treatments and ‘ColorPlast’ – Decorative texture plaster available in white and pastel colors.

Spray Plaster Solutions- Perlcon is the first company in India to provide complete plastering solution with machine and material. The company offers high performance, high output spray plastering solutions. Plastering of 2000-2500 Sq.ft coverage/day/ machine (appx.) can be accomplished with Perlcon’s TP-18 system that is designed for utmost user friendly operations and to reduce plaster application cost substantially as well as reduce time taken in plaster application drastically.



High on Sustainability

Some of the top sustainability features of Perlcon formulations include:-

The formulations are SandFree, Cement based and self curing.

Construction material without the use of sand in the formulation is a solution for prevention of large scale degradation of river banks and coastline making the construction environment friendly. All Perlcon products are made without use of Sand.

Self curing materials are crucial to solving the looming water crisis as well as to get rid of Salinity in new construction.

Perlcon products are Light weight, provide higher coverage and increases productivity.

Perlcon products play an important role by offering effective and viable alternatives in the drive to counter industry trends of rising labour costs and related issues.

The products help substantially to reduce demand for construction material, multiple onsite handling of materials and thereby also contribute in reducing wastage.

Perlcon products ensure quicker, precise and consistent work execution at site without delays and idle time lags, therefore eventually saving significant construction time.

Importantly, Perlcon products are free of VOC, free of efflorescence, and biodegradable contents. Therefore, they offer lasting values and are subject to no or least maintenance works.


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