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Scaffolding and Formwork Solutions for Fast Track Construction

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Arun Nair
Executive Vice President Sales
Technocraft Industries India Ltd.

India is facing a sever shortage in shelter for its citizen. As per the ministry of Housing and the Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India, there will be a great void in the availability of housing in the coming decades in India. Providing adequate infrastructure for shelter will therefore include fast-tracked construction amongst other innovative technologies and ideas. The aluminium formwork system is a system that is ideally suited for fast-tracked construction, especially in the low–cost housing sector.

As the demand for fast-tracked construction picks up in India, so does the demand for safer, long-lasting and versatile formwork. Addressing this demand, Technocraft added a new member to its scaffolding and formwork range – the MACH ONE. This new product was launched at the recently concluded Baum ConExpo India 2018. The Masterbuilder caught up with Mr Arun Nair, the Executive Vice President Sales to understand more about the product and its offerings. Below are the experts of the interaction.

Tell us about Technocraft’s new addition to its scaffolding and formwork range.

MACH ONE is the latest to join the MACH range of scaffolding and formwork solutions that Technocraft offers. The new MACH ONE range incorporates the world’s best-in-class technology and quality and is ideal for construction of a wide range of monolithic reinforced concrete structures. The MACH ONE was designed by our battery of well trained and experienced designers to combat current challenges and offer enhanced solutions while maintaining the core principles upon which the MACH range of formwork products gained immense popularity amongst construction companies. The MACH ONE formwork system extends and enhances the MACH range of product’s ability to increase the  speed of construction of complex structures in a safe and economical manner.

What features of the MACH ONE enable it to position itself as a leader in formworking solutions?

The MACH ONE builds on the core principles of the MACH range which is to enable faster construction while increasing safety and dropping costs of construction. Apart from these, the MACH ONE is a monolithic casting formwork that is completely made of aluminium. Additionally, we have incorporated a lip joint in the panels. The lip joint acts as a stiffener increasing the sturdiness of the formwork leading to better durability and finish for the concrete.

The lip joint also aids in dealing with site abuse and man-handling. We have found that even with the presence of skilled labour issues arising from man-handling of the formwork are amongst the leading causes of loss in safety and drop in quality of finished product. The lip joint helps in addressing this by reducing the amount of process linked with labour.

The MACH ONE offers ease in erection and fast cycle times which is the need of the hour in the country now. Formwork erection with the MACH ONE is very simple and can be done by semi-skilled workers itself. The components are lightweight and assembly is simple. Erection of the MACH ONE is largely hand held and does not need the services of a crane for movement either vertically or horizontally. The unique drop head technology enables large number of repetitions, low slab cycles, high labour utilization and increased construction quality coupled with high safety at construction sites.

Apart from these, the MACH ONE also enhances the overall aesthetics of the site, which is an important factor in today’s construction scenario.



What are the areas of applications for the MACH ONE?

The MACH ONE is a completely monolithic casting formwork that enables the construction of reinforced concrete columns, slabs, beams, stairways and walls. The MACH ONE is most suited for when speed and safety is the top priority especially in the case of construction that have repeating floor plans, either horizontally (row houses) or vertically (multi-storey apartment buildings). As such the MACH ONE will find use in all large commercial construction projects like malls, hotels, residential towers and such.

How is Technocraft formwork and scaffolding division looking to further enhance its services to its clients?

Technocraft has had its presence in India for over 44 years. Through out this journey we have made it our mission to not only create valuable products, but also, to create lasting relationships. We believe in offering solutions that offer benefits across multiple projects as opposed to a one time deal. Through this philosophy and through the development of precision engineered solutions, we have amassed immense popularity amongst the construction companies in India. Going forward we intend to continue this trend while also reducing our delivery times in order to ensure further satisfaction.


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