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Schwing Stetter India – Redefining Standards in the Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited.

Schwing Stetter India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Concrete Construction Equipment in India. The company was incorporated in 1998 as a 100% subsidiary of the Schwing Group of companies GmbH. Throughout its journey, Schwing has made it a point to introduce path-breaking products in its areas of operations. Schwing Stetter India exports its ‘Made-in-India’ machines to the entire South East Asian territory, SAARC nations and East Africa. At the recently concluded Bauma Munich 2019, Schwing announced its intent to add more countries in the African continent as part of its export portfolio from its Indian operations. At the event, Schwing displayed some of its new product developments and innovations including a truck mounted concrete pump S36X Direct Drive. To dwell further into the Indian truck mounted concrete pump market, the Masterbuilder caught up with V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited. The excerpts are below.

There is gradual increase in the demand for TMCPs in India. What products does Schwing offer in this regard?

Schwing truck mounted concrete boom pumps S17 / S20 / S36X / S43 SX are very popular and have an increased demand owing to the Government of India’s keen focus on building India. For example, to explain on the two models:Schwing truck mounted concrete boom pump S36X mountable on all 3 axle chassis of all leading truck manufacturers, the pumps prime mover is the truck’s engine itself. This reduces the weight of the pump and helps save fuel. This PTO system reduces operating costs and enables easy maintenance. The unique design of the Schwing super X outrigger offers more space for storage of accessories, while allowing the pump super structure to be placed directly on the truck chassis. Optional features such as the one-sided stabilizing system “EASY”, the concrete stop valve at the end hose and the automatic lighting system are also available.

Schwing Stetter redefines standards in the 40 m class with its S43SX truck-mounted concrete pump. Schwing RZ boom design combines the “Roll and Fold” boom with a Z-fold boom at the tip to offer 270-degree flexibility at the last boom section. The boom folding system also enables concreting work right up to the vehicle bumper. With an overall length of less than 12 m on a standard chassis this compact boom package does not extend beyond the machines outlet.

With the 270-degree Z-fold section at the tip of the boom, operators have a myriad of options for placement while placing concrete up to 42.3 meters vertically, and 38.1 meters horizontally. The S 43 SX has an unfolding height of 8.7 meters for those low overhead situations and a slewing range of 740 degrees to suit many job site requirements. Its pipeline is a full DN-125 mm diameter. The S43 SX front outriggers extend along an arc, do not have to be swiveled or telescoped and can fit into even the smallest gaps at the construction site thanks to their low height that saves space and time. S43 SX outriggers are designed to be compact, with a fast set-up time. It requires an 8.3m outrigger spread (the spread is the same, front and rear) for maximum stability.

The standard Schwing remote control features twin joysticks for proportional boom control and pin-point accuracy. In addition, Schwing’s vector control is the only system providing two-way communication between the pump and the operator. The “Generation 3” concrete pump is a low-maintenance, 164 m3/hr unit that provides long, slow-stroking action. The all-hydraulic design utilizes Schwing big rock valve, promoting maximum filling efficiency of the material cylinders even with harsh mixes.

An open circuit design provides continuous hydraulic oil flow for fuel efficiency, filtration and cooling. The S 43 SX can do any infrastructure work, light commercial projects and bridges. In conjunction with the DN-125 pipeline, contractors can perform high-volume pours or provide a slow delivery with infinite volume control. A 600 liters’ water tank on the unit helps with clean-up at the yard or on the job site. Consistently lightweight design makes this machine a universal and flexible long-boom pump – both for medium-sized operations in downtown urban areas and on large construction sites.

What are the features that identify as Schwing’s TMCPs? (USPs of S17/S20 TMCP)

All our products are user friendly, easy to operate and easy to maintain. We concentrate on low fuel consumption and use of eco-friendly materials in our products.  There are many other areas we continuously work on, like use of high wear resistant parts to increase the life of the equipment.  All our concrete pumps and batching plants are also provided with the IoT system.

In this series of truck mounted concrete pumps, Schwing S17 placing boom is mounted on two axle truck provides flexibility as a line pump and manoeuvrability as a boom pump ideal for inner city pumping. It can be used as a versatile line pump by simply attaching a hard pipe at the outlet or use it for vertical pouring up to G + 3 floors.

Thanks to its lightweight superstructure and modular design it is possible to mount on a 16 ton truck that fulfils most of our customer’s needs. The compact size of this boom truck makes it usable under bridges, on barges, inside excavation and dam sites. It is the ultimate ‘Urban Machine’ which can be used to pump many residential jobs with minimum set up time.

A revolution in the urban class of machines, the Schwing S20 has a 20m boom with a combined – RZ fold.The advantage of this design of the boom is that the unfolding height is only 3.85 meters. So this can be utilised extremely cramped spaces like tunnels, low -roofed areas, etc.The pump can be mounted on 2 axle chassis of all leading manufacturers. Its outriggers enable it to be placed and operated in the most cramped locations. The high capacity oil cooler and optional 800 Ltr water tank increase its operating time and the higher capacity splitter gearbox enables mounting of bigger hydraulic pumps. This leads to higher power outputs with lower heat generation and hence, lower wear and tear.



How can Schwing’s TMCPs perform at optimal levels despite wear and tear?

We have developed special wear resistant parts for special areas where the wear and tear is very high. Similarly, our twin circuit system has an option which helps the customer in case of pumping stiff concrete due to the design of the concrete itself. We also offer super wear resistant pipes which gives a longer lifetime and to minimise the replacement time, thereby increasing the productivity of the pump.

Schwing Stetter India pumps provides control monitoring devises on panel (like Vector in boom pumps) which can help the customer for following the maintenance schedule. Regular and timely greasing of rock valve is necessary for increasing its life time, Schwing Stetter offers automatic greasing system to keep the heart of patented rock valve running for long.

Concrete mix design is constantly evolving. How are Schwing’s TMCPs equipped to handle this?

Schwing Stetter offers carbide wear parts for better MTTR and offer twin circuit to suit rapid placing projects such as Metro rail for handling stiff mix. Schwing Stetter offers latest ROCK valve technology which gives best ROI and offers SC30 control where operator can see the pump parameters on remote display during the pumping itself and based on that he/she can suggest for changes in concrete mix if any.

For High compressive strength self-compacting concrete pumping- the pumping of high grade concrete mix is very tough than normal grade concrete mix.

  • Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete pumps for handle the vertical concrete back column pressure over 240 bar and these pumps are suitable to pump high grade concrete mix like M70 above 500-meter height also.
  • Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete conveying pipeline and clamps in variable thicknesses and sizes for handling high concrete pressure.

In Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump, some of the challenges include maintenance and after-sales support. Discuss in detail the solutions provided for the same.

Schwing truck mounted concrete boom pumps are widely used in major infrastructure projects in India. Most of these projects are timebound. Hence more volume of concrete is pumped through the concrete boom pump. This brings the challenge of keeping the machine in very good condition with zero breakdown. This is possible only through periodic maintenance and by 24*7 service – skilled manpower support from the OEM. Also, availability of skilled manpower to carry out the maintenance is the challenge. In line with this, we create customer awareness and train their team. For example, various grade concrete mix pumping at different heights and length require good understanding to adjust the pump according to the work requirement.

Most of the customers are not maintaining the periodic maintenance records at site level but with easy monitoring devises on panel (like Vector in boom pumps) which can help the customer to follow the maintenance schedule. For avoiding lack of maintenance, Schwing Stetter India service department is providing warranty visit every month (even without customer complaint) and educating the operator and maintenance team for timely maintenance and detailed visit report on good and bad practices are shared with the customer.

Schwing Stetter India is the only company in this segment to cater to after-market support directly to customer with 29 sales and spares, 4 training centres and 9 service centers without any intermediaries. Schwing Stetter India works close to the customer right from equipment planning stage. Service engineers are trained through a continuous process schedule.

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