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Schwing Stetter India – Stetter Concrete Truck Mixers – Better than the Best


Stetter concrete truck mixers are the result of experience gained over 85 years accompanied by permanent advancement and optimization. Schwing Stetter’s truck mixers have proven to be reliable all over the World. Stetter concrete truck mixers are characterized by low-maintenance, modern designs, ease-of-use, efficient, technologically advanced and cost effective.

Schwing Stetter concrete truck mixers are in the forefront of technology offering its users the best value for money in concrete transportation. Schwing Stetter India is in operation for the last 21 years having more than 50,000 Stetter concrete mixers presently in operation. Recently, Schwing Stetter GmBH presented the 111,000th truck-mixer with a design to match the anniversary at Bauma 2019 in Munich. Schwing Stetter concrete truck mixers are today the undisputed leader in providing the best concrete mixing condition while on the move and the lowest time for filling and discharging at both the input and output points.


Stetter concrete truck mixers are available with a nominal volume of 3 to 12 m3 with slave engine or PTO driven in C, C2 and N version. Time spent on filling, discharging and cleaning mixed concrete is reduced to a minimum, thus helping customers to save time and money. Stetter concrete truck mixers are available with mechanical or electronic control unit that helps customers to choose a Stetter concrete truck mixer appropriate for their requirement. Stetter concrete truck mixers have reliable drive components that guarantee smooth operation. Stetter concrete truck mixer capacities manufactured by Schwing Stetter India are as below:

– Supersix/Superrseven.
– Nimo.
– TMP32.6.
– F12.


– Large loading volume, thanks to high water line volume.
– Optimum drive characteristics, thanks to low center of gravity of the mixer.
– Wear-resistant plates in feed hopper, discharge hopper and swivel discharge chute.
– Best-in-class spiral geometry for best-in-class mixing & rapid discharge.
– Stetter T-protect wear protection (30 x 8 mm) on the mixing spirals.
– Large clearance for concrete discharge into big crane buckets or concrete storage silos.
– Easy to clean, thanks to smooth rear wall surfaces of the discharge trestle.
– Easy to service, thanks to bolted feed, discharge components and simply replaceable wear parts.
– Highest resale value among all brands available in the market.

Stetter concrete transit mixers are highly fuel efficient due to their compact design and balanced weight distribution. Maintenance cost of truck mixers is very minimal. The usual routine includes change of engine oil and washing of the drum and that is all it takes to keep the mixer running for decades together. The washed concrete can be recycled with Stetter concrete recycling plant making the whole ecosystem environment friendly. With a large service network of more than 400 skilled service engineers attending to numerous needs of the market, all kinds of support are being rendered to the customers by Schwing Stetter, when it comes to concrete truck mixers. Commensurate with the leadership position it enjoys, Schwing Stetter offers state-of-the-art technology to stay ahead of the industry requirement and needs by offering various technological solutions like:

– Admixture dispensing system.
– Electrical dual control.
– Electrically controlled water pump drive.
– Water flow meter.
– Concrete level sensor.
– Hydraulic pressure gauge.
– Regulator for concrete discharge.
– Hopper cover, etc.,

Schwing IoT In, IoT Ready and IoT abled alongwith Schwing Smartrack devices were introduced in the last year in the launch of Stetter concrete transit mixers of Supersix and Superrseven. Few of their features are as below.

Schwing IoT Ready

– CAN based controller and multi-color display.
– Elimination of conventional gauges.
– Battery voltage.
– Drum loading/ unloading status with graphical representation.
– Drum RPM monitoring for increased drum life.
– No of drum rotations in CW & CCW direction.
– Critical alarm messages in display.
– Maintenance scheduling.
– IoT Integration for data analytics (Optional).

Schwing IoT In












– Reduced downtime.
– Proactive maintenance.
– Integrated GPS for live tracking.
– Data analytics for machine efficiency monitoring.
– Data storage with traceability / statistical reports.
– Productivity status on cloud.

Innovation 1 – Nimo – 3m3 concrete transit mixer
Concrete on the go is a key factor today that has helped the RMC industry evolve. The common 6m3 class concrete transit mixers weren’t allowed to ply inside the city roads during peak hours. It is because the transit mixers are offered on 16 tonner or higher capacity trucks which is classified as HCVs.

Schwing Stetter’s NIMO, a 3m3 concrete transit mixer is mounted on a 10 tonner truck comes under the LCV category. Thus enables the customer, to drive the transit mixer into the city even during peak hours and helps to continue the concreting activities without any delay. Similarly, the smaller capacity also means a more economical option for sites where it does not make sense to send a large transit mixer for the contractors.


Nimo comes with the shorter truck wheel base of 3250 mm and an overall height of 3250 mm of fully built vehicle. This helps the customer to drive the vehicle comfortably through narrow, congested lanes and in hilly regions, where sharp turns are quite normal and unavoidable. The unique ability of NIMO, running through all kind of roads and narrow passages enables the user to carry out concreting continuously.

Innovation 2 – Schwing Stetter concrete truck mixer with concrete pump TMP32.6

Schwing Stetter truck mixer with concrete pump is the ideal complement to every pump fleet as a multi-purpose machine to extend flexibility for small and medium placing jobs. As an optimal multi-purpose machine, Pumpkit 618 combines the latest concrete pump technology from Schwing with the mixer technology from Stetter. It is moreover equipped with perfect technical detailing for maximum availability, easy and comfortable handling. Stetter concrete truck mixer is of the latest C series and is equipped with a mixing drum of 6m3 rated filling. With the latest drive technology solely designed for easy, superfast cleaning and maintenance. The lower deadweight permits higher payloads and thus greater efficiency.

The concrete pump is the moving force behind Pumpkit 618 that is astonishingly powerful for this type of machine. Its heart is the patented rock valve. This self-sealing pipe switching system is capable of pumping virtually everything that can be pumped. Although designed for concrete, it can also pump mortar, screeds, sludge and even fluid substances. The pump unit is installed perpendicular to the chassis outside. Thus resulting in enormous stroke of 630 mm in combination with voluminous 180 mm pumping cylinders which is capable of achieving delivery rate of more than 34 m3 /hr. Pumpkit 618 has an outstanding reliability, record stretching back more than 85 years in the pumping of concrete. It is robust, wear resistant and operator friendly. Together with a rapid pumping piston in the compaction phase of the concrete in the pumping cylinder, the brief 0.3 second switchover time of the rock valve irrespective of the concrete pump output ensures a virtually continuous concrete flow.


– Ideal for small placing jobs.
– Integrated with AM6SHC – a proven transit mixer.
– Concrete pump is driven by a hydraulic pump mounted on a vehicle with PTO.
– The dimensions are such that it is easy to transport.
– It can be retrofitted.


– It can place pier caps; bridge necks & slope wall concrete.
– It can pour footings, foundation walls & floors for residential construction.
– Place floor slab concrete below grade, at grade or for elevated slabs in low rise construction.
– It can place concrete for canal linings & retaining walls.
– Concrete can be delivered to the hard to reach areas like very small lanes / by lanes where the trucks cannot approach.


Innovation 3: Stetter Mobile Concrete Conveyor F12

A landmark in the development of construction machinery in India, the Schwing Stetter F12 mixer with belt conveyor is a product of unmatched value. By integrating the belt conveyor with the transit mixer, Schwing Stetter offers a revolutionary product that can place various bulk materials as well as place unpumpable concrete. The main advantage with this machine is that you can transport and place concrete with the same machine saving time and labour costs. The conveyor can handle concrete of slump 20mm to 200mm and bulk materials that can be placed include sand, gravel that can be placed in screed.

Keeping the rising fuel costs in mind, Stetter has built the machine with lightweight fine-grained steel to ensure reduced overall load. The specially engineered belt is made of the finest components and is not affected by cement paste and contact corrosion for a very long service life. The belt is attached to the mixer by means of a torsion resistant box section frame and increases productivity with it’s high 45m3/hr conveyance. It’s wide swivel angle enables a large working radius of 265 degrees. This combined with the double-bending belt enables it for use even in the most cramped construction sites.

The operation of the machine is easy, with the control block having separate provisions for belt and cylinder controls. Spillage is not an issue as the belt has a through angle of 110 degrees and conveyance proceeds smoothly in it. Two independently controllable rear outriggers are also present to increase stability during operation. All in all, if you want a machine that offers unmatched versatility which can carry and place concrete rapidly, place non pumpable concrete as well as bulk materials like sand, gravel, mortar and wet screed or you are into construction of villas, pier caps, canal lining, bridge necks and roads, this machine is an invaluable addition to your fleet. The wide working range with multiple bending belts permits application on confined and cramped construction sites.

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