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    Scientists create a tiny crystal that can turn darkness into light

    Image caption: Crystal structure Image source: Landwaynews.com landwaynews.com

    For the first time, scientists in Australia have created a light-bending nano crystal that is 500 times smaller than a human hair, and it could be used to create the future of ultra-light night vision glasses. Instead of the clumsy night vision goggles we use currently, the new crystal could one day convert a pair of regular glasses into night vision glasses. The nano crystals are so small, they could be fitted as an ultra-thin film to normal eye glasses to enable night vision. This is what polarised sunglasses do now, by bending light so it travels just on one plane – sunlight is usually messy, so this cuts glare and makes your vision clearer in bright light. But the new structure is capable of actually changing the light in three crucial ways: the intensity of light, the shape of light, and even the colour of light. All of that together means that it can take very low levels of light, such as at night time or in dark areas, and tune them to be visible.  In addition to helping build the next-generation of night-vision glasses, the crystal could be used to twist light in all kinds of useful ways.  In the latest study, researchers have also shown that it can convert invisible light to visible light on the small-scale.

    Source: sciencealert.com


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