Self certification scheme for approval of commercial building plans in Chandigarh

Self certification scheme for approval of commercial building plans in Chandigarh

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On an average, the building branch of the estate office receives around 50 applications for approval every month. After working hard, the estate office has decided that the fee and prepared guidelines to be used for self-certification of commercial building plans.

The UT finance secretary Ajoy Kumar Sinha said that the administration has decided the rates to be charged for self-certification and the scheme will be notified by Monday.

For simplification, self-certification of both residential and commercial property is in place for many years in Punjab and Haryana.

According to the Chandigarh Building Rules (Urban), 2017, the owners will have to submit a self-certification, stating the construction complied to building rules, including zoning and architectural control, and give a 15-day notice to the authorities for granting approval, along with the requisite fees.

Owners can start construction after the lapse of the 15-day notice period. But if, violations are spotted by the enforcement staff at any stage of the construction, the owner will be subjected to a penal action. The certificate will be valid for a period of five years. In case the owner or registered architect submits a wrong report, while submitting an application, the plan will be cancelled and the owner and architect will be held accountable.

The scheme is part of the online building plan approval system. To spare city residents of the ordeal of running from pillar to post for getting their building plans approved, the UT administration on Wednesday launched the ambitious online building plan approval system, which will be made available for general public from February 12.

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