Home News Industry News Seminar on Cathodic Protection of Concrete Structures concludes successfully

    Seminar on Cathodic Protection of Concrete Structures concludes successfully

    Seminar on Cathodic Protection of Concrete Structures

    A rain kissed evening in Chennai proved not to deter the enthusiasm of professionals as they trickled in for the evening seminar on cathodic protection of concrete structures. The seminar, which was organised by Indian Concrete Institute (Chennai Chapter) and NACE International Gateway India Section (NIGIS) South Zone and sponsored by Vector Corrosion Technologies aimed at educating the masses on the importance of corrosion protection and the available systems today.

    Dr. T.Ch. Madhavi, HoD SRM Institute of Science and Technology anchored the proceedings. Dr. Radhakrishna G. Pillai, IIT(M) delivered the opening speech in which he highlighted the various transgressions happening at construction sites that compromise epoxy and CPC coated steel leading to corrosion of the reinforcement. He further highlighted the economic burden these ill-conceived practices cause and suggested adequate measures to enhance durability and life-span of the structures.

    Dr. George Sergi, the Technical Director at Vector Corrosion Technologies followed. Dr. Sergi, who flew in from Birmingham, UK was the keynote for the event. During his lecture he delivered insights that he and his team gained while experimenting with cathodic protection systems. Dr. Sergi observed for the audience the behaviour patterns of steel when subjected to an initial high voltage followed by a lesser voltage.

    The event also saw presentations from Mr. Liao Haixue, Manager, Vector Corrosion Technologies, Canada and from Mr. Dhruvesh Shah, Representative – India business, Vector Corrosion Technologies, Canada.


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