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Setting New Standards in Precast Products with SFRC Technology


Precision Wire 1Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) is a technology that is fast finding an increasing number of takers in India. Fibre reinforced concrete is being widely used in the precast construction, pavements, tunneling, flooring, etc. One company that has emerged a key player in the field of precast products using the technology is Precision Wire Industries, headquartered at Kamleshwar, Nagpur. The company is manufacturing, TUSKRETE BRAND Steel Fibres and precast products made from SFRC including, compound walls, industrial drains, highway drains and lentil beams and Check dam gates (K.T Weir Plates). Precision Wire Industries has been on the forefront of the industry with several unique product innovations, which are a result of a strong R&D focus. It has also added another unique precast product ‘thin walled’ compound walls, to its impressive product portfolio.

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Precision Wire 10According to Devendra Balasaria, the dynamic proprietor and driving force behind the company’s rapid growth story, the products manufactured using the SFRC technology offer several advantages over conventional materials. One of the biggest benefits offered by the products is the fact that they are cheaper as compared to material used in conventional construction methods. While being economical in cost, they are also extremely tough, durable and long lasting. Moreover, since they are all precast products, except for the digging for the construction of the wall or laying the drain, there are absolutely no hassles at the construction site. This factor also adds to their sustainability quotient Precision Wire 11since there is minimal environmental disruption at the construction site. Another major advantage offered by the method is quicker construction time, which in turn helps savings on overall project costs and also reducing carbon footprints, adding to the green house points and National saving.

We have used this SFRC technology with 300mm concrete spun pipes, 3600 mm long beams. with excellent results.
Numerous Industrial/Warehouse floorings have been done successfully and the client base is increasing day by day.
The company’s products are enjoying wide popularity and have been used in several prestigious projects. The Highways drains have been used Precision Wire 12at Jamtha 4 lane Ring Road project in Nagpur. Lintels manufactured by Precision Wire Industries have been used in the construction of an engineering college at Sakoli, as well as a new unit of Haldiram at Kapsi near Pardi Naka, and in the construction of a compound wall in Mul and recently by a franchise unit of Coca Cola.

The company has also successfully executed a pavement of 8 km length at a residential township in Nagpur. The first project for pavement was with PMGSY, which was successfully executed for their trial purpose and after best results, the same was used for a upcoming biggest township at Nagpur. The total length of pavement with 9 mts wide road is around 8 KM.

Precision Wire 13Even after lapse of 3 years the concrete pavement has no damages and heavy loads of 40 MT loaded trucks are plying on this pavement.

With this success, we have also been able to convince Nagpur Improvement Trust to use Steel Fibres in their concrete road pavement and they have agreed to use this technology.

Sounding optimistic Devendra Balsaria added that the precast products made using SFRC technology have huge growth potential in the Indian market.

The industry is also exploring potential of using this technology for low Precision Wire 14cost housing and other critical precast products. Continuous R&D and best results have opened more avenues to be explored.

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