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Sharp Ply Promotes its Formwork Division at Excon 2017

Sharp Ply
Paras kumar
Sharp Ply India Pvt. Ltd

Sharp Ply (India) Private Limited is always looking to innovate & be on top of their game so that their esteemed clients can be at theirs end. At Excon 2017, they looked to launch themselves
into the construction formwork industry along with Variant Factory LTD and get the ball rolling in the Indian market. With constant support from their international partners from Ukraine, they are looking to giving the ultimate solutions to cater to their clients need just as their shuttering plywood business. Getting into construction formwork is going one step further ahead in the same sector of business to diversify safely and increase their array of products.

Products displayed during Excon:

Variant Factory is currently working in 32 nations already & is looking to provide optimum solutions to construction companies in India as well. At the exhibition stall Sharp Ply was pleased to introduce a couple of systems of the many which you could find on their website. The ones that were displayed included Varimax Column & retaining wall solutions, one sided – support system for walls, load bearing scaffolding tower, adjustable circular ring formwork, tunnel formwork system, VariTable for slabs & Handi system which is ideal for Indian market for columns & walls.

More on collaboration:

Apart from the above mentioned the company would also like to throw light on their previous collaboration with My wood, Germany. They are successfully supplying H20 Formwork beams & UpPlus®pallets for concrete blocks & brick manufacturing in the Indian market. Sharp Ply is looking to make more innovative & modified products for the Indian market with the help of their partners and would be glad to update customers with the same in near future. It would be posted on their website.

Sharp Ply looked to come out of the market’s impression of just being into the conventional space of construction by launching themselves in the grandest manner at the biggest stage in South Asia for construction. Excon had to be the platform for them to make the leap and get into the formwork systems & scaffolding.

‘Looking at how things went along for the five days of the exhibition, is that it was as projected by us during the preparation phase which we started almost around 6 months back. We are an optimist about the outcome of the exhibition and want to make the most of it. Signing off, would like to thank all my team members for their efforts, international partners for their unconditional support, potential & existing clients of Sharp Ply who have made us what we are today to making this a successful campaign’, says Paras Kumar


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